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If you’re working on a Mobile Marketing Tour, a Guerrilla Campaign, or any other various projects for your clients, you may be asking yourself about the benefits of using an event staffing agency for your programs.  Using an event staffing agency for your project may add a few extra dollars to your expenses and take some funds away from your budget, so it is totally understandable to question the benefits of using this type of service in the first place. The first step to answer this question is to understand your total needs for your project(s).

Hiring and managing event staff for your own program may sound easy but it can be a very complicated and lengthy process. Begin your needs analysis by understanding what your project will consist of. Be reasonable when you’re making your estimations. It is always better to be over staffed and have a successful promotion than to be understaffed and miss important customer interactions as a result. After determining the number of staff that you will need for a particular event, determine ideally what type of staff you would like. Is it more important that your staff is knowledge about gaming consoles or would you prefer they’re the MC type and aren’t afraid to host a ceremony. All of these factors should be based off of your program specifics and they will vary from event to event. The more in depth your needs are, the harder recruiting staff for your project will be.

After you’ve decided on your event staff specifics and you have a good idea of what type of staff you’ll need, you’ll need to consider the benefits of hiring an event staffing agency.

Some of the benefits of hiring an agency include:

  • A knowledge account manager to confer to about your staff. You’ll be able to as the agency representative that you’re working with about the specific type of staff they have to offer and get input from them as to what type of staff they would recommend to make your event a success. Never hire an agency that doesn’t give you direct contact (24-7) to the account manager that is working on your project.
  • A large talent pool to choose your staff from, internally. The agency you hire should have their own database of brand ambassadors that they use. Be sure they have plenty of staff in the region you’re need is in.
  • Human Resource drama is a thing of the past! Your agency should be able and willing to handle all of your human resources issues for your event staff. Most agencies recruit, hire, and even offer training to their event staff. Afterwards, they service paychecks and tax information for the staff, therefore taking those headaches away from you.
  • Year End Tax forms and services should be provided by your agency. By using an agency, you won’t be responsible for complying with IRS regulations, etc. Your event staffing agency will be sure that these things are taken care of.
  • Experience is a very important part of the event staffing game. Agencies that have been around for a long time are more capable of choosing good and reliable staff for your programs. Most agencies try to offer the most reliable brand ambassadors in their database work on a firsthand basis. After a trusting relationship has been made between the agency and the brand ambassador (i.e. the brand ambassador performs above and beyond expectations, the agency pays the brand ambassadors efficiently and in a timely manner..) a long lasting working relationship is made and that pays off in the long run for you.
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Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of hiring an event staffing agency to see if it is the right choice for you, your project and your company. Understand your needs first and then consider how much more successful your project and your promotion will be as a result of hiring an agency. If you do choose to work with an event staffing agency, be certain that you know what you should get for your money. Do some research, ask fellow co workers and industry professionals, do a simple google search on the company you’re considering hiring prior to making your decision. For more information and advice on hiring an event staffing agency, check out

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Why you should use a event staffing agency such as

Lindsay Merlin

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  1. Lindsay,

    This was a very informative & essential how to on event staffing companies like ours “Best Reps” (plug…lol) but thank you for laying out the basic foundations of what we do to assist marketing companies in the fulfillment & successful activations of their marketing strategies.

    Andre Allen
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  2. Time is money when it comes to an agency’s billable hours. The more upfront information that you provide to your ad agency the more money you will save. Also, the more detail you have in your creative brief the more effective your advertising will be.

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