Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Marketing has been proven year after year to help drive customer traffic and sales. Direct Mail Marketing can actually be targeted directly at your end buyer, so when you use it correctly, you can physically put your ad in the hands of the exact people who should be using your products and just may not know about it yet.

With budgets ever decreasing, here are 5 reasons why Direct Mail should be an important part of every company’s media marketing plan.

  • Direct mail has a high return on investment over any other marketing effort alone.

According to Marketingcharts, Direct mail offers a 29% return on investment. Where this truly comes into play is the cost per campaign. Because the cost of a Direct mail campaign is so low compared to any other long term campaign, your return on investment for a direct mail campaign offers a significant boost to your sales. Because postcards have a different texture than most mailings, this makes them stand out in a mailbox, and the fact they don’t come in an envelope means virtually all postcards get read. According to DMA, they also state that 50.9% of consumers actually find postcards more useful than email. With stats like this it’s easy to understand why postcard marketing is arguably the most effective direct mail method available.  
  • Direct Mail Marketing Vs. Email Marketing.

90% of consumers who receive direct marketing in the mail will read it vs. just 20-30% of email marketing that they receive. (These will typically be deleted just by the headline alone). This is according to (DMN). Even the best subject line will not guarantee that your email will be read. But with the correct target lists, you can specifically target your consumers and when done correctly, get the right message across to all of them. 
  • Direct Mail Marketing has a lasting effect over email marketing

On the same note as above, 75% of consumers can recall a brand immediately after receiving direct mail compared to only 44% who receive or view only digital ads (USPS). If you are noticing a trend of higher % values on the side of direct mail marketing, it’s because many consumers truly value and retain the marketing message from physically touching and seeing mail and tend to spend more time looking at the message vs just skimming the message online.
  • 30% of millennials think direct mail is more effective to get them to take action

If this statistic surprises you, it shouldn’t. While Millennials and younger generations spend more time glued to their phones than anyone else, they are also the type that take the most action when it comes to advertising. 30% have stated that they will react more often and go to a website or business after receiving a great postcard. The same polled individuals had only 24% respond stating they would do the same if they received a well written email. (Gallop)  
  • Direct Mail Marketing response rates.

When comparing response rates to most campaigns, you will always see an uptick in response when your campaign is completed correctly. You will want to make sure that you have the right marketing message to sell your brand as effectively as possible.  Postcards can be great for other things outside of just mail as well. They can be publication stuffers,used on bulletin boards, and used in store for promotions, the list is limited only by your imagination. It’s no secret that good postcards will be held onto so the consumer can remember its information. We at Lucky XP Marketing and Promotions can create the right ad campaign to target the consumers you are looking for. For more information on how we can assist you, please send us a message now: 
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Why direct mail should be a part of every company’s marketing plan

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