The best feeling after working a long promotion is when the client says “We couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent our brand!” or “We will definitely request you for our future events because we enjoy having your enthusiastic personality!” Companies are ready to get back out there with word-of-mouth marketing to get sales up and healthy. With these difficult times, companies are looking for brand ambassadors to join their teams and help them reach their goals. Here are some key characteristics that will help you get noticed by the big boss and becoming their go-to brand ambassador!

With Knowledge Comes Loyalty

Know the brand you are representing! When you represent a brand most customers are going to assume you work in that company so you must do your research. You should know the company’s goals and become experts on the product or services you are promoting to educate customers. If the company gives you information of the brand they are hiring you to promote, go the extra mile and look up extra information on the brand and wow the client!

Spark your Creativity


Almost all companies will want a certain amount of pictures for the events they hold. Your job is to deliver pictures that they won’t have to use an editing tool on. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to take company worthy photos. For example, if you have a set up table at your event to put the product on then use the entire space. Get creative and test different setups to take pictures of. You may end up liking only one or multiple different setups. No matter what, send them all so the client has options. If the client has requested you to take pictures of customers with their products then figure out the best spot in the area to take the best pictures. For example, you can have customers stand next to your promo table that you set up, or if there’s an event prop like a designed cut out board or promotional wall then have them positioned beside or next to those objects. Lastly, clients love to see their customers enjoying their products so if your customers seem willing have them pose for a silly photo or a thumbs up photo. Also, don’t be afraid to jump in on lots of pictures with the customers, especially if you’re wearing the brand logo. For more examples on how to take company worthy photos read our how to take event photos blog. Just always keep in mind that if you wouldn’t post it on your personal social media then the company won’t want to put it on their website.

Artistic Wording

Using colorful and professional wording when describing the brand you’re promoting will go unnoticed by both your client and customers. Your wording will set the mood for the entire event and will help push sales. When doing your research on the product you’re promoting you should also find words that will best describe and create a positive opinion of the brand. For example, if you are promoting red bull, you don’t want to just say “Do you want to try a sample?” Instead, you can add some color into that basic question and say “You should try red bull’s new refreshing yet exhilarating flavor!”. You could also add in fun or interesting facts to keep the customer interested!

Great Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

Being able to connect and communicate with all customers is HUGE for brand ambassadors. Without those two skills, your customers will be leaving unimpressed with you and the brand you’re representing. You shouldn’t sound like you’re following a script. Instead, you must hold organic, one-on-one conversations that are customized to each individual customer you talk to. This will keep your customers attentive to the information you’re delivering as well as intrigued in the brand you’re promoting. 

Leadership Skills

Sometimes having leadership skills can be put in the dark but not as a brand ambassador. Clients notice which brand ambassadors have top quality leadership skills and those are the ones they’ll ask to keep coming back. Being a leader isn’t exactly a “know it all” or bossy but more as a mentor who gives out positive reinforcement and motivates others around them while also giving instructions and guidance during the event. Being a leader means bringing positivity no matter the circumstances whether you’re dealing with a grumpy customer or working with someone who isn’t taking the job seriously. Having leadership skills will have the client be putting your phone number on speed dial for their future events!


Not only do brand ambassadors need to have great communication skills but they also need to be able to listen to their customers for feedback on the product. Not all customers will like the product or brand you’re promoting and that’s okay. It’s important to ask your customers what they think of the product so you can get all types of feedback to report back to the client. The client wants to know exactly what their customers are wanting and looking for and you’re that middle person for them!

Team Player

When you’re working with a group of brand ambassadors you need to be able work as a team to reach the company’s goals. It is common to work an event with other ambassadors that you won’t know so having a team meeting before the event begins is a great way to get to know the people you’re working with as well as making sure everyone is on the same page and has a common goal to have the best event results.


Even though brand ambassadors are not directly employed by the company that they are representing, it is important to work professionally as if you are working as a member of the company. This doesn’t just mean showing up dressed tidy, clean, and presentable but also acting professional. You represent the company through your interactions with customers, your attitude, and through your behavior. It’s okay to have fun while working as long as you take your job seriously. If you show genuine intentions on reaching the same goals as your client by asking engaging questions and showing 100% commitment to their brand then your client will notice how professional you are and this will help gain trust between you and the company.

Delivering great service for your client as a brand ambassador is something they already expect from you but doing your best and paying attention to detail will not only get you noticed but will have the client coming back to you. Always remember that the company goals are your goals when promoting their brand and representing their company. For more great advice on how to be the best brand ambassador you can be, send us a message here or contact us anytime at 415-365-0041 or at

What Clients Expect of Their Brand Ambassadors

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