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Nationwide Mobile Tour
Taking good event photos can be easier than you think! Just follow a few simple 'event photo rules'!
Taking good event photos can be easier than you think! Just follow a few simple ‘event photo rules’!

Do you want to get paid to travel? Have you thought about becoming a tour manager but your just not sure how? When I finished college all I wanted to do was travel the world and find a way to get paid to do it.   After lots of research and sending out tons of resumes I came across the event-marketing and cause marketing field. I had never been told that such jobs existed. I was ready to pack my bags and head to Africa as a shotgun rider on an overland expedition. At the time I was offered a job on a nationwide event marketing tour to help promote Mothers Against Drunk driving and DARE. This was my first job into the world of event marketing, as a tour manager. My first contract was to travel the nation for almost a year setting up events each week in different cities. Each week I was in a new place and I loved every minute of it.   I managed event teams, labor crews, I worked with truck drivers, lots of volunteers, and tons of sponsors.  The second tour I landed was as the sponsorship manager for Blue Clues Live. I traveled the nation to venues such as Radio City and other well-known theaters.  I traveled with the entire cast and crew of the show. My job was to make sure all the sponsorship was displayed perfectly in each venue and to meet with sponsors. Once again.. I was paid very well to travel. When the show was over I landed another job as an event marketing tour manager and I had a few months to wait before the job started so I headed to Europe to travel and explore. I came back and traveled again for almost a year and then I went and hiked all over Switzerland and got an apartment in Norway for a while. I then landed another tour and came back to the states and traveled some more.  This is very common in the world of event marketing and tours. Many tour managers will work 5-12 months of the year and then travel and live over seas and come back and work on another tour. So if you love to travel.. being an event marketing tour manager, mobile tour manager, or sponsorship manager is the way to go.  I not only was paid to travel the United States and Canada but I was also able to travel to Spain, Morocco,Germany,Portugal,Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K., Scotland,France, Italy, Solvania, Croatia, Hungary,Austria,Belgium,Norway, Holland and many other countries.   One of the best ways to become a tour manager is to work as many events as possible.  When you work the events give 180% and talk to the tour managers and ask them for any advice they might have on how to become a tour manager. Be ready to travel with in a few days notice. Often I would get tours that started in a week or month away so I had to make sure I was ready to leave and hit the road for 5-12 months with out a lot of time to prepare. Another great way to find out about tours is to read Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer Magazine. They both often have lots of articles on mobile tours and event marketing programs. This is a great resource if you are interested in the field. Here is a link to an article about a promotional tour I did in 2003 for Crayola Crayons.
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Each spring and summer we help a lot of clients find tour managers and market managers.
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How to get paid to travel the States and the world! How do you get a job as a tour manager?

Lindsay Merlin

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8 thoughts on “How to get paid to travel the States and the world! How do you get a job as a tour manager?

  1. This is an excellent post! I have been working in the marketing industry for over five years. I have a BBA in Marketing and a Masters in Sports Industry Management. I have traveled to many of the places listed in your post such as Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Germany; these trips were all for leisure. Now that I’m finished with college, I’m ready to get a job traveling. I have yet to book a tour, but I’m sure with all of your great advice that will be changing very soon!

  2. Hello I have been doing promotional jobs for at least 6 years now, locally. Now I am ready to explore tour manager jobs and wanted to know of any opportunities. Can you provide me any feedback on that?

    1. Hi Owassa,
      Thank you for emailing about promotional tours. Your best bet is to take a look at Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer Magazine online. I would read articles and then start sending out your resume to companies that have tours coming up. Keep sending out your resume, talk to tour managers at events, and work as many promotions as possible to add to your resume. Always give 120% at every event you work so you will stand out. The more promotions you can add to your resume the better. Then try and become a in-market manager for a program and hopefully that will lead to a tour. I hope this helps. Also be sure to use to help build your profile and ask account managers and tour managers to write you recommendations on the Linkedin site. Also if you want feel free to send me a invite and I would be happy to let you into my network. Here is a link to my Linkedin profile or some more information below.

      Be sure to like us on Facebook go to:

      Thanks again.

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