With large events halted, but small events picking up and drive through experiences being the top event of the season, what can you do to get your brand to the market this year? Well, we have created the perfect way to market your brand, get it straight into the social atmosphere, and promote your cause all at a socially distant and acceptable 6 feet away. Welcome to the all digital photo booth experience of 2020.

How can you start an onsite photo booth with no set up required?

With our state of the art, photo booths, Brands can pro-actively capture brand- sponsored photos and videos with no set up required. Using our cloud based services, all digital photo booth, we can bring the photobooth to you, to capture any moment in time and it is the best way to generate social sharing and capture actionable data.

  • Photos are 30x more effective than other methods of social engagement.
  • Photos are 70% more likely to be shared if sharing buttons are present upon viewing.
  • Over 95% of guests will fill in a survey form in order to see their photo.

Custom based images

All images are custom created. So whatever you need in each image for your brand, we can create to match what your focus is for the promotion. With this, you can have it be in the forefront, you can have it be a part of the full screen, you can have a gif, or you can have a boomerang as well. If you dream it, we can work to make it happen for you and your team.

We can scale a program, for any brand.

Wondering if a photo booth structure is for you? Well we can build a program for any brand and any location.

Because this style photo booth is completely cloud based and all “backgrounds/images” are all on the devices themselves, we can build you a full program all on the cloud.

We can create an entire program for you while sending everything you need to each city or destination separately. And, if you want it to remain on one website for viewing or separately for statistics per location, we can do that too!

We Become the brand for you. We provide the staff, the photobooth, and the data afterward.

Our platform can allow for a full build by our team or allow you to customize with your design team as well. We can completely customize your user experience from start to finish. We will establish a plan based on goals, revenue, and reach out for co-sponsorship of other brands, if that is something you are looking for as well.

Typical Results

Over 70% of photos and
videos are viewed online
 Multi 100x ratio of
touches to page views
 Each consumer engaged
generates 3 additional
unique visitors to your

For more information and a custom quote for your next picture booth, please send us a message here or contact us anytime at 415-365-0041 or at info@lucky415.com

Are you in need of brand ambassadors? Ready to book an experiential marketing event? Please visit us at www.luckymkg.com for more information today!

The all new photo booth experience of 2020

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