Warrenton OR Brand Ambassadors

Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions is searching for outgoing and energetic for an upcoming healthy street team brand ambassadors and in store demo ambassadors for a large grand opening event in Warrenton, OR

Event 1: 
Street Team 
Thursday – Feb 22 – 10:00am-3:00pm
Friday – Feb 23- 10:00am-3:00pm

Wednesday Feb 28 – 3:30-6:30pm (Ice Cream Social event in store)

Pay rate: $18/hr

Event 2:
In store Demo
Wednesday Feb 28 – 4-8pm


Please indicate which event (or both) that you’re applying to. If you’re interested in working event 1, you must be available for all 3 days.

Must be extremely reliable, outgoing, and willing to work with a team. Must be friendly, and approachable.

Please email your resume/photo to staff@lucky415.com if you’re interested in working this event. Please use the subject line “Warrenton Grand opening”

Social Media and Promotional Event Marketing (Lucky415.com)

I LikeSocial Media wasn’t such a big deal a few years back. Yeah, people used Myspace and maybe even a few of the hip ones were using Facebook, but those of us that are old school still remember ‘Event Speak’ and services such as this. These were the only way that we, members of the ‘events’ industry, had to communicate with one another. Things have changed so much on the social scene since then and we’re all connecting thanks to, you guessed it, social media.

Keeping everyone connected is a difficult task. A few years ago, you really needed to communicate via email and stay in the loop with your fellow event professionals by word of mouth. So which is the best avenue to use when you’re an event professional? Well, it seems that’s not an easy question to answer. Social media experts might say one or another (I.e. Facebook, Linkedin, etc) but we at Lucky 415 believe you should be using them all.

Each Social Media outlet has it’s advantages and many (most) of them are very easy to set up and use. While there are SO many we could list here, we’ve chosen to focus on just a few of our favs.

Pinterest advantages

  • It’s FREE! and so easy to use. Upload your pics and gain more exposure for yourself!
  • Free and fast collaboration for likeminded individuals!! Since when did it hurt to share you ideas with people and get some great input!
  • Visual Business. Need I say more?
  • See what your peers are doing
  • Did I mention it’s free? and a little addictive..

Pinterest Disadvantages?

  • The only disadvantage we could think of was: Popularity. With a site like this, we can’t predict how long it will endure.. But who cares?! It’s fun and it’s FREE!!

Facebook Advantages

  • EVERYONE and their grandma (literally, my grandma has a facebook) uses facebook. We mean everyone.  You can get your messages out there loud and clear with FB.
  • It’s also free and relatively easy to use.. especially after you navigate the in’s and out’s.
  • Free!

Facebook Disadvantages?

  • It can be tricky to use for some
  • Annoying Ads, but this is a minimal disadvantage

Twitter advantages

  • Probably one of the easiest SM sources out there. Get your word out to the masses 140 Char or less at a time!
  • Fast and efficient. No need to figure out ‘friends’ on here. Just simply ‘follow back’ out of courtesy.
  • Twitpic is fun to use and now integrated right into twitter!
  • Free!

Twitter Disadvantages

  • We just can’t think of any.

Linkedin advantages

  • Can you say Network? Networking is made easy with LInkedin. Just being connected to 100 people on Linkedin opens up a network of thousands.
  • Makes it easy to stay up to date in industry trends.
  • Groups in your industry has active discussions and keep you up to date on the latest trends
  • Great for business, meeting new people and getting to know those you currently work with and have worked with in the past.
  • Free!

Linkedin disadvantages

  • Can be time consuming, especially getting your profile setup in the beginning

We love social media here at Lucky 415! There’s no better (or more fun) way for us to stay connected with our awesome brand ambassadors and fantastic clients than sharing our updates, statuses and pictures via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin! Be sure to check us out and don’t forget to connect!



Lindsay Merlin

Sr Account Manager-Lucky415 Marketing and Promotions