Is Lucky415 Right for your company?

When you are in need of a Marketing company for your events, let us handle the details for you!

I know you are asking yourself, Why Lucky415 instead of these other companies that google pulls up for me? Well, I am here to give you the reasons why Lucky415 is there for you.

Lucky415 has been in the industry since 2003. Since that time we have built up a nationwide database that can bring in ambassadors in nearly every city in the US and even in Canada. We have specialized in nearly every type of event and event style and will strive to make your event exactly what you need with the ambassadors that love to be in this industry. Lucky415 really works one on one with every client that comes to us to give them the best service possible. We invest our time to ensure that these events go off without a hitch so these days are easier on our clients.

We spend extra time interviewing and asking our event staff the right questions to make sure they are the right fit for every team they are on. If the event is for a Yoga product, we make sure the ambassadors not only come in already knowing about Yoga, but typically, many of them will be Yogi’s.

Not really sure on what type of event you need, but know you need the marketing to get the word out on your brand? Well our in house team can assist you in creating the right project/event for your company. We want what is best for our Clients and we can help you get to the right event for you.

Do you need an event staffed for this weekend and have nothing in the works yet? Well send us a message and see what we can do for you!  If you are in a large city, because we have such a large data base, we can typically staff events with just a 1-2 day notice. If it is a smaller city, we just ask/request a little extra time. However it never hurts to ask as we can always try to work our magic.

Lucky415 is working around the clock to make sure our clients are happy. We work with our on-site teams at all hours to make sure everything they need is in place and check in several days early to make sure that all materials and event needs are taken care of so all events can take place with no issues. We do everything we can to get a fantastic event for both our clients, but also make sure our ambassadors are happy so they make the best impression on everyone in site while they are in the field.

One thing that will make nearly every client happy, we have competitive rates that are lower than most in the industry. We even offer discounts when booking multiple events at once. All of our quotes are customized to fit your needs and the event at hand. We get as much information as possible up front, so we are as accurate as possible with our quotes, because no one likes surprises, especially when it comes to event costs!

So- We ask.. Is Lucky415 right for your company? Send us an email or give us a call to find out!

For a quote, email or give us a call at 415-365-0041.


Fall internship! We have one opening for a social media expert.

San Francisco Street teamsLucky 415 Marketing & Promotions is a leader in the Event Marketing and Staffing Industry. Currently with two regional offices and a variety of clients, we are expanding every day. In 2013 we will be hiring a professional intern for the spring-summer season. This is a telecommute, part time, unpaid internship position. This position will require 15-20 per week of telecommuting and will run from March until August.

Application deadline: Oct 2013

Internship information:

Our internship program offers unsurpassed learning opportunities for dedicated individuals. Participation in our program provides exposure to the workings of the Marketing and Promotions industry, as well as valuable hands-on experience. Our interns can expect to gain invaluable knowledge in the industry and move on with experience on their resumes. This type of experience will lead to the opportunity for successful careers as Account Managers, Research Analysts, Managers and many more. Some of the area in which you can achieve this experience are:

Market Research
Search Engine Optimization
Promotional Marketing
Promotional Logistics
Human Resources

Interns will learn basic market research skills, basic search engine optimization, basic human resources skills, work-time organization skills,
Potential sales experience, negotiation skills and much more! The skills and knowledge that our interns will gain is invaluable in the work force after graduation.

Telecommute info:
All projects can be completed from home, on a telecommute basis. Internet connection, computer and phone are requirements.

For the past year Lucky 415 has been providing event teams for adventure races around the nation.

For the past year Lucky 415 has been providing event teams for adventure races around the nation.

Interns schedules will be flexible and can be worked around other schedules and school schedules, if selected.

Who should apply?
Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students interested in careers in Marketing especially, sales, promotional marketing, promotional events, etc. Applicants should have experience at a college level and have completed courses in their major concentration field. No other professional internship experience is required.

How do I apply?
Send your cover letter and resume via email to “”. Please provide a telephone number where you can be reached. If you’d like, include a reason why this opportunity fits your schedule and unique personality.