How to become a brand ambassador or a event ambassador(

X-games So you want to become a brand ambassador and your not sure how to find your first promotional job.  There are many different resources online that can help you find promotional gigs. One of the best ways to find promotional jobs is to join promotional websites such The Marketing Rock Star or  (Try and find free sites to join). Another way is to find a list of event marketing companies around the nation and go to each website and see if they have a data base where you can add your info for free.  Then when they have events in your area you will automatically start to receive emails. A great place to find a list of companies is Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer magazine (Both are online). Many event marketing companies provide event teams across the nation so just because they are based in LA or Iowa doesn’t mean they want have gigs in your area. For instance we are based in Charleston, Sc and San Francisco but we provide event teams all over the nation.  Currently we have event teams working in Chicago and Dallas and we have event teams in Aspen about to work the X-games. So be sure to add your info to a companies data base even if they are not located in your city or town.

Another resource is craigslist. Some companies still post openings on Craigslist under events or talent. However always check out the company before you work for them and make sure they have a good reputation of paying fast and fair. If you see a add for a promotion paying say $25 to hand out samples be sure to get the amount in writing.  Some companies will post a high rate and then after you work the promotion they will send you a check for say $15 per hr. (If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is.) You need to make sure the company has a great reputation.  Also the going rates these days can vary greatly from say $13 a hr all the way to $21 a hr. If a company is hiring for a liquor or beer promotion these rates are often much higher but the hrs are usually shorter. Always make sure to research the company you are planning on working with.


If you have more questions about becoming a brand ambassador feel free to email and we would be happy to help!Brand ambassadors at the CMA awards