Brand Ambassadors needed for SantaCon SF 2016!

Santa Con 2016

How to become a brand ambassador or a event ambassador(

X-games So you want to become a brand ambassador and your not sure how to find your first promotional job.  There are many different resources online that can help you find promotional gigs. One of the best ways to find promotional jobs is to join promotional websites such The Marketing Rock Star or  (Try and find free sites to join). Another way is to find a list of event marketing companies around the nation and go to each website and see if they have a data base where you can add your info for free.  Then when they have events in your area you will automatically start to receive emails. A great place to find a list of companies is Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer magazine (Both are online). Many event marketing companies provide event teams across the nation so just because they are based in LA or Iowa doesn’t mean they want have gigs in your area. For instance we are based in Charleston, Sc and San Francisco but we provide event teams all over the nation.  Currently we have event teams working in Chicago and Dallas and we have event teams in Aspen about to work the X-games. So be sure to add your info to a companies data base even if they are not located in your city or town.

Another resource is craigslist. Some companies still post openings on Craigslist under events or talent. However always check out the company before you work for them and make sure they have a good reputation of paying fast and fair. If you see a add for a promotion paying say $25 to hand out samples be sure to get the amount in writing.  Some companies will post a high rate and then after you work the promotion they will send you a check for say $15 per hr. (If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is.) You need to make sure the company has a great reputation.  Also the going rates these days can vary greatly from say $13 a hr all the way to $21 a hr. If a company is hiring for a liquor or beer promotion these rates are often much higher but the hrs are usually shorter. Always make sure to research the company you are planning on working with.


If you have more questions about becoming a brand ambassador feel free to email and we would be happy to help!Brand ambassadors at the CMA awards

Mall promotional teams, event staffing, guerrilla marketing and Black Friday event teams (Black-friday promotions)

Black Friday Mall Promotions Brand ambassadors at the CMA awards

Guerilla marketing and black friday event teams are a wonderful way to promote your brand or product.   Consumers wait in lines by the hundreds to get into malls and stores around the nation.  This is a perfect opportunity to promote your brand.   Guerilla event teams can give out thousands of samples while shoppers are waiting. Another idea is to have guerilla marketing teams hand out free shopping bags with you brand or logo on the side. This is a great way to promote your brand and a fantastic way for consumers to instantly have a positive feeling about your product or brand.  Most malls require a fee to have brand ambassadors inside the mall. So be sure to check with the malls before you send in Guerilla marketing teams on black friday. Most cities and towns allow guerilla marketing in high impact areas especially  if the teams are giving out free products.  Be careful about giving out food samples. Most cities require a permit to give out samples of food and the fines can be very high if the teams are caught with out a food permit.


Here is a fantastic article NPR Market Place did about Black Friday event teams.



Guerilla Marketing Teams in action

Winter X-Games event staffing, Aspen talent, Aspen promotional models


Winter X_Games Event Teams



Are you looking for super outgoing event teams to represent your brand or your clients brand at the Winter X-games in 2013? If so here are a few helpful hints. Make sure your rates with a event staffing agency are in writing. A lot of event staffing companies will tell you they can provide brand ambassadors for the X-games event for you and then they will wait until a few days before the games begin and tell you that none of the staff have places to stay. They will then ask for a hotel budget. Well since your in a bind, you go with paying for hotels. Then your budget skyrockets. Hotels in Aspen during the X-Games are very very expensive.
Make sure to let the agency you are dealing with known you will not pay for any add ons.

Lucky 415 has been providing event teams at the X-Games for the past seven years. We have teams that live in Aspen and teams from Denver that have places to stay in Aspen. With Lucky 415 all you have to worry about is which event to watch and where you are going for dinner. We handle it all from booking the teams, to making sure they show up on time, and making sure the teams give a 120%.
Plus we never add on hidden charges. Never.
For a great quote email


Team Lucky 415!


Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. Loves to provide event teams for the winter X-games. For the past seven years we have been providing fantastic promotional teams in Aspen for the Games.

If you need outstanding event teams for the X-games we can help.


Since 2003 we have specialized in nationwide event-staffing, street-teams, bar teams, guerilla marketing, buzz marketing, trade show hosts, beverage sampling, grand opening teams, concert staffing, mobile tour staffing, sampling teams, college sampling teams, costume teams, labor teams for events, mobile tour teams, tour managers, trade show teams, bar promo models, as well as providing brand ambassadors for large and small scale promotions anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We have also designed many promotional programs for clients.


Here is a link to a article NPR Market Place did with Lucky415 on Nov 19th about event teams.

From large markets to small markets we provide brand ambassadors to represent sponsors and products at all kinds of events and promotions. From Home Depot Grand Openings to Duran Duran Concert events, we have the ability to provide teams to make these types of events a success.

In 2008 we provided brand ambassador teams for over 400 concerts that included all the Motley Crue concerts, The Dew Tour, The X – Games, The American Idol tour, The Project Revolution tour, Duran Duran’s US and Canada tour, and the Maroon 5 tour. For five years we provided nationwide teams for all the Home Depot Grand openings. For three years we provided sampling teams at all the Race for the Cure events around the nation. In 2010 we provided talent for over 300 events for New Castle, Summer Ale, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Amstel Light. For five years we provided VIP host teams for all the Duran Duran concerts in the U.S. and Canada. We have also provided numerous street team events all over the nation.

Some of the brands we have represented have included Home Depot, Ralph Lauren, Rock Band, T-Mobile, Heineken, Polo, New Castle, Dos Equis,Summer Ale,North Face, Cover Girl, Coors, Miller Light, Blue Moon, North Face, Duran Duran, State Farm, Pepsi,Reebok,Toasted Head Wine, Coca Cola, Axe, Polaris, Honda, Pure Beauty, VW, Lexus, Gamesa cookies, Jones soda, Soy Joy, Sunchips, Olay, Gossip Girls, Ebay, Vera Bradley,,State Farm,,Sony, Tostitos, and many many more.



We provide outstanding event staff and talent for the following types of events anywhere in the U.S. and Canada:
Nationwide Street-teams
Guerilla Marketing Events
Bar promotions
Product sampling
College Promotions
College street teams
College Sampling
Cause Marketing Events
Beverage sampling teams
Trade Show hosts
Event Staffing
Golf Events
Bar promotional models
Wine Sampling teams
Street team events
Guerilla marketing promotions
Costume teams
Promotional Models
Flyer teams
Golf tournament teams
College Sampling
Grand opening teams
Nationwide mobile tour teams
Mall events
Make Up Artists!
Wine Tasting Teams
Auto Shows
College sampling
Spring Break teams
Tour Managers
Concert Tours
Mystery Shopping
Guerilla Marketing/Street Teams
Sampling Promotions
In-Store Demonstrations
Nightlife Promotions
College Campuses
Character Appearances
Sports/Athletic Events
Lead Generation/Surveys
Grassroots/Viral Marketing
Amusement Parks
Product Launches
Sports Marketing Events
Cause Marketing Tours
Wine Tasting Teams
Ethnic or Bilingual Programs
Tour Managers
Marketing Managers
CDL Drivers
X-Games Event staff (Aspen and LA)
San Francisco Street Teams

Winter X-Games event teams

___________________________________________________ ________________________

Demo Events for the Holidays

We are happy to announce that we are now booking demo events for the holiday season.

Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions has been providing brand ambassadors for demonstrative marketing campaigns since 2002. We have had the pleasure of representing multiple clients over the past 16 years and consistently do our best to make sure each of them is satisfied to the fullest extent.

We offer a variety of experiential marketing services including, but not limited to:

In Field Marketing Managers
Tour Managers
Brand Ambassadors
Promotional Models
Retail “In-store” demos
Sampling ambassadors
Live Music Ambassador Teams
Guerrilla Marketing Activations
Tradeshow Booth Models & Ambassadors
Festival Event Staff

Contact us today for a free quote! You can reach our demo coordinator at 415-365-0041 ext. 5 or

Los Angeles street teams, flyer teams, talent, and event staffing (X-Games)

Each winter the X-games are held in beautiful Aspen Co and each summer in LA. This is a great chance for companies to promote their brands. Lucky 415 has been providing event teams for the X-games since 2003. Often times clients line up promotions to be held on the slopes and in LA during the events since this is a great venue to get a brand exposure. They have everything set up for the event on the slopes and at the event but they can’t find the teams to promote the event. This is where Lucky 415 can help! Since we have been providing event teams for the X-games for the last 9 years we have a great network of outgoing ambassadors ready to work events in both Aspen Co and Los Angeles.  If you have a promotion set up at the X-games this year and you need great event staff then feel free to email us for a quote. We can save you a lot of trouble and stress. We have been providing event teams for over nine years!  We have amazing teams in LA and Colorado!

Guerrilla Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, and other types of Event Marketing in your Promotional Mix (Flyer Teams)

Comic Con

Beer Promotion

Deciding what to include in your promotional mix can be challenging, especially if you’re working with a restrictive budget. The easiest and most efficient way to make the right choices for your marketing plan is to educate yourself on the types of live event marketing that you could include in your mix.

Some of the most popular Live Event promotional marketing options are:

Buzz and Word of Mouth Marketing, Guerrilla and Street Team Marketing, Sampling and Retail In Store Demonstrations, Mobile Tour Brand Ambassadors and Event Marketing, Live Data Capture and Event Marketing, Special event Promotional Models and Brand Ambassador Host and Hostesses, Nightlife events and Promotional Models, Costume Characters with Street Teams, College Street Team Events.

Check out our extensive Case Studies at

For a Free quote any time, please email
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