Lets Get Crafty- How to pull off the best Marketing Campaign for your craft beer Company

With press releases of grand openings, beer samples of your top brews, glassware of the brewery, brewery tours, swag, and lessons on the market of craft brews, getting people the knowledge of your brewery is work in itself. Getting all of this completed and still getting time to brew the beer is a whole other subject, so how do you get it all completed fast enough to make your product relevant?

Well, getting the correct marketing completed when your brewery opens OR when you create a new brew is key to launching your products and creating a name for yourself in your marketplace. Did you know there are over 4,100 craft breweries in the U.S.A currently? What will you do to separate yourself from all of those other brands?

Anheuser-Busch Method-You can use the Anheuser-Busch/ InBev NV Anheuser-Busch InBev NV BUD, -0.59% Strategy. Anheuser has bought brewers like Elysian, Goose Island, Breckenridge, Blue Point, Four Peaks, etc for their brew stock (different brews offered within each brand), relativity within their own market space, The known “Name” within their individual markets, and their quality of products. If you can stay relevant within your market and can stay up to par with brands like these, then you are on your way to success.

Marketing Strategy-So do you create loads of swag to give away? NO. The best way to create more sales for your product and to create a true name for your brand is to SAMPLE your products to the masses! Even if you don’t get a ton of sales every time, The consumer will learn your products and remember the time they went to the liquor store and got to try your brew, or went to the festival and tried your products. You can give away some bottle openers or a glass WHEN product is purchased and that will help boost sales, however SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE and you will see your sales grow in your market.

We here at Lucky415 are staffed with an In-house Beer and Liquor expert. We not only provide support and training for each event, but our team behind the scenes is constantly training on new brands (Major brands with Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors and smaller Craft brands as well) in both Beer and in Liquor each month, so as new brews, wines, and liquors come out, our team is on top of it. We can support our team in the field with the proper training on all brands that come through to us. If you are looking for a new way to build your brand, send us a message with your request today and we can create a custom quote for you and your brand!

How to increase sales by using Flyering

Lucky415 creates flyering campaigns for customers all across the nation for clients all over the country (and world). We use these type of campaigns to distribute hand to hand, door to door, and also at sports games and events. These types of campaigns are typically large scale and can see a great return for the hours that are spent working for our teams and for the amount of flyers that are typically ordered.

The great thing about flyering campaigns is in business, it works! We know it works even if the return is low. You, as the business owner will always see a return. Flyers are fast to be printed and low cost to be made. The hardest part for most clients is getting the right people to distribute these flyers into the right hands, or in some cases, the right doors. That’s where we come in. We hire the correct people, for the right amount of hours, for exactly what you need. Say you are looking to flyer for an upcoming new night event and want a specific type of look? well.. We have that. We can prepare the teams, have them pick up the materials (Or have it sent to them), and have everything taken care of for you, so there is no stress in the preparations.

Flyering is a simple marketing method but so many business owners fail to utilize flyers to their full potential. When it comes to marketing for flyers, a message must be visualized by the end buyer. Depending on the print medium chosen, the message must be visualized in different ways. You must think of what will pop out first. What is going to catch their eyes first? What is going to make them keep that flyer vs. throw it away?

The key to flyering now-a-days is making sure the customers know what you are going to offer them! Make sure you offer it up and that message is right up front! Then, along with that, our ambassadors will share that message along with how they can get this special offer. These key things can grow your business even more than the average 1% return rate that most events will see.

Want to know how to make an even more successful event? Give us a call and see if we are the right team for you!

The In’s and Out’s of Comic Con San Diego 2017

Comic Con San Diego is the Largest Comic convention in the world that takes place every year in sunny San Diego. It brings in Comic fans, art fans, and culture fans alike into one city to celebrate all things from new television shows, movies, comics, and art and lets everyone celebrate together in every way possible. This year, it takes place July 20th- July 23rd.

Comic Con isn’t just for those in the convention center either like most of these shows that take place every year. At the San Diego International Comic Con, The entertainment flows to the outdoors so everyone can partake in the excitement. I have personally had some of the most fun in some of the events going on outside.

Originally SDCC began in 1970 and it was primarily comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts in the time however the convention has since now grown to include a range of popular culture and entertainment in television and movies across all genres, not just comics. This includes horror, animation, toys, collectibles, card games, video games and more. Comic Con has even now been known to create special edition collectibles that are only available at Comic Con and can only be picked up second hand by everyone else who did not attend.

Comic Con is known for all of the special events that take place during the weekend. These include special panels, previews for upcoming feature films, review sessions for upcoming comics or video games, workshops for comics, and more. At night, many events include evening parties held by some of the upcoming film and game teams (some even open to the public if they get special tickets handed out at the convention), award ceremonies, costume contests for those in Cosplay, short film views, and feature length movie sessions that may not have a full distribution deal.

Many people inside the convention space also get to go experience all the exhibitor events and activities. The comic book writers and artists set up booths where many people can go and see their spaces and speak to them in person. This is called Artists’ Alley. You may even be able to walk out of here with a little personal sketch to call your own, all while having a conversation with your favorite artist.

Many major TV networks set up booths and people get to experience a scare space and up front time with the dead, like on the Walking Dead booth, which is a top hit year after year. This booth even has the cast come to it to do the panel instead of having it in a separate room, which is always a hit. You can even see many of the movie memorabilia that you would never think you could see anywhere else. In 2015, when the Batman vs. Superman movie was filming, they had the Batmobile out for all to see up close and personal.

In the back area, you can pick up those collectibles you are after and get some that you will never find outside of Comic Con. You can even get a steal depending on when you are in the booth. Want a comic you cant find in your own state? You could probably find it here.

Comic Con San Diego brings out the young and the old and it brings out everyone just looking to have a great time. There are activities there through out the days and nights alike. If there was one major event in the US that I would recommend anyone go to if they got a chance, SDCC would be it. There is something for everyone.


San Diego Comic Con 2017

When your promotion company asks for ‘Business Casual’

What does Business Casual mean?

“This one is the murkiest for our customers and for other people we speak to. Part of the problem is that there are so many trends that are so casual,” Dorie Smith, cofounder of women’s workwear brand Of Mercer, recently said to Business Insider.

Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions, Full Service Experimental Marketing Agency

Guerrilla Marketing at Comic Con, Street teams and brand ambassadors

Comic Con 2011

Comic Con Event Staff

Are you looking for promotional reps to work your events at Comic Con, but not sure how to pick a agency or if you should book the events yourself?

One of the first things you should ask yourself is do you have the time to find, interview, screen, handle all the legal and tax paper work for each ambassador you book to work. Booking your own teams can be extremely time consuming and the paper work can be endless.  So your best bet is often to choose a reputable event staffing professional agency to find your event teams.

Now how do you choose an event-staffing agency? Well there are a few ways to go about this.

  • First, ask the agency how long they have been in business? If they’re a new agency with little to no experience, they’re probably not your best bet.
  • Do they have good reviews from brand ambassadors and online? This is important because you want to see that their clients have been pleased as well as their ability to keep their staff members happy and paid.
  • Ask how about their process for screening and booking brand ambassadors. Do they speak with each person booked? Do they take the time to do phone or skype interviews? Many agencies take on as many contracts as possible and just send out emails and who ever shows up –  shows up.
  • Find out the agency’s policy on payment to brand ambassadors. Do they pay their ambassador quickly or do they have them wait the industry standard 6-8 weeks? Many agencies take months to pay and will have the ambassadors call you, or worse your client, about payment.  However some agencies actually pay the ambassadors in 2 weeks.

If you find yourself adding promotional marketing and/or guerrilla marketing to your Comic Con event, we would love to work with you! Please contact us any time for a free quote!

Feel free to give us a call at 415-365-0041 or info@lucky415.com

Lindsay Merlin

Senior Account Manager, Lucky 415 Marketing + Promotions

415-365-0041 ext 3


Guerrilla Marketing on Black Friday. Street Teams are the New Black?

Black Friday Street TeamIt’s almost that time again! The Holidays have managed to find their way back to us again. We’re coming up on the busiest of all shopping seasons of the year. Over the last few years, we’ve all (by choice or otherwise) participated in or otherwise been exposed to BLACK FRIDAY. This phenomenon brings out drones of shoppers hoping to get the best deal. Hoping to get a half price iPad or at least something out of their 3 am shopping spree. Families save money for this day, hoping to get a majority of their Christmas shopping done in one day. The craziness doesn’t stop there. As you probably already know, some people go as far as to camp outside of their favorite store for days, hoping to be the first in line for the new pricing and technology.

As an account manager with 8 years of experience in promotional marketing, I can tell you that if there is one season to utilize guerrilla marketing, it’s this one. Everyone’s spending. They’re looking for ideas, they’re shopping for loved ones. They’re willing to meet the retailer half way. I’ve seen so many brands increase their holiday sales by using our street teams on Black Friday, I feel like I need to be standing on top of that metaphorical mountain and yelling “Street teams WORK and they’ll increase your sales exponentially right now!!!!” (This has been widely frowned upon in our office, so I’ll refrain and save my vocals for this week’s new episode of the Walking Dead.) However, last year I was approached by NPR and asked to do an interview about the Black Friday phenomena. I gladly obliged. FINALLY I get my metaphorical mountain! You can listen to my interview on NPR Marketplace here.


In conclusion, when you’re thinking about new ways to market your brand, new and inexpensive ways to get the word out about your product. What better way to reach people than while they’re waiting in line, sometimes for days, with a pocket full of cash, ready to spend?


Lindsay Merlin

Senior Account Manager

Lucky415 Marketing & Promotions

415-336-1455, lmerlin@lucky415.com


Linkedin, social media and Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. (Why social media is so important)



social_linkedin_button_blueLinkedin has turned into the facebook of the professional business world. If you are a brand ambassador and have yet to make a Linkedin profile, it might be best to start ASAP.  Linkedin is a fantastic way for companies to check a person’s experience and see their resume and recommendations all on one page. For Lucky 415, this is a fantastic resource and we love it! We use Linkedin every single day to check ambassadors  references, background and experience. Also a lot of clients look at the Lucky 415 profile to check and see our back ground and references. We find that our potential clients also use Linkedin to check out our company page, view our event history and experience and/or check our references! Of course before they do business with a new vendor they want to make sure they have experience in that field.  Clients are able to check our extensive background with events, such as theirs, and they can feel confident when hiring us that we can get the job done.  We also use Linkedin to verify new clients and to be sure look like a reputable company.  This is one extra step we can take to help insure we get paid and in turn our staff. Linkedin company profiles also often allow you to read a quick paragraph about what the company does and if you have enough invites then you usually can see the employees at the company. You can also Follow the company.

Now lets talk about invites. Invites are a tad tricky and some people say to let anyone into your network and others say only let people you know very well into your network. Its up to you.  Usually you want to make sure you know the person or have worked with the person in the past before you send them an invite to let them into your profile.  If you receive an invite and the person seems like someone you know or have worked with then allow them into your profile. The more people you have in your group the more it expands to show more and more people in the same field.   It’s a lot easier than it sounds but if you have not tried it, we recommend you go ahead and give it a try.

If you are a brand ambassador you can start to list the companies you have worked with and also try and get some recommendations. ( But recommendations  would need to be an entire different blog)


Hope this helps!.
And of course be sure to “Follow” us on Linkedin where we will be posting jobs and other info

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Also feel free to send me (George Hayes) a invite and I would be happy to let you into my network.

If you use Linkedin and would like to send me a invite I would be happy to let you into my network.

The Lucky 415 Team!



Team Lucky 415

How to become a brand ambassador or a event ambassador(Lucky415.com)

X-games So you want to become a brand ambassador and your not sure how to find your first promotional job.  There are many different resources online that can help you find promotional gigs. One of the best ways to find promotional jobs is to join promotional websites such The Marketing Rock Star or eventpeeps.com  (Try and find free sites to join). Another way is to find a list of event marketing companies around the nation and go to each website and see if they have a data base where you can add your info for free.  Then when they have events in your area you will automatically start to receive emails. A great place to find a list of companies is Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer magazine (Both are online). Many event marketing companies provide event teams across the nation so just because they are based in LA or Iowa doesn’t mean they want have gigs in your area. For instance we are based in Charleston, Sc and San Francisco but we provide event teams all over the nation.  Currently we have event teams working in Chicago and Dallas and we have event teams in Aspen about to work the X-games. So be sure to add your info to a companies data base even if they are not located in your city or town.

Another resource is craigslist. Some companies still post openings on Craigslist under events or talent. However always check out the company before you work for them and make sure they have a good reputation of paying fast and fair. If you see a add for a promotion paying say $25 to hand out samples be sure to get the amount in writing.  Some companies will post a high rate and then after you work the promotion they will send you a check for say $15 per hr. (If it sounds to good to be true it most likely is.) You need to make sure the company has a great reputation.  Also the going rates these days can vary greatly from say $13 a hr all the way to $21 a hr. If a company is hiring for a liquor or beer promotion these rates are often much higher but the hrs are usually shorter. Always make sure to research the company you are planning on working with.


If you have more questions about becoming a brand ambassador feel free to email info@lucky415.com and we would be happy to help!Brand ambassadors at the CMA awards

Winter X-Games event staffing, Aspen talent, Aspen promotional models


Winter X_Games Event Teams



Are you looking for super outgoing event teams to represent your brand or your clients brand at the Winter X-games in 2013? If so here are a few helpful hints. Make sure your rates with a event staffing agency are in writing. A lot of event staffing companies will tell you they can provide brand ambassadors for the X-games event for you and then they will wait until a few days before the games begin and tell you that none of the staff have places to stay. They will then ask for a hotel budget. Well since your in a bind, you go with paying for hotels. Then your budget skyrockets. Hotels in Aspen during the X-Games are very very expensive.
Make sure to let the agency you are dealing with known you will not pay for any add ons.

Lucky 415 has been providing event teams at the X-Games for the past seven years. We have teams that live in Aspen and teams from Denver that have places to stay in Aspen. With Lucky 415 all you have to worry about is which event to watch and where you are going for dinner. We handle it all from booking the teams, to making sure they show up on time, and making sure the teams give a 120%.
Plus we never add on hidden charges. Never.

For a great quote email info@lucky415.com


Team Lucky 415!


Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. Loves to provide event teams for the winter X-games. For the past seven years we have been providing fantastic promotional teams in Aspen for the Games.

If you need outstanding event teams for the X-games we can help.



Since 2003 we have specialized in nationwide event-staffing, street-teams, bar teams, guerilla marketing, buzz marketing, trade show hosts, beverage sampling, grand opening teams, concert staffing, mobile tour staffing, sampling teams, college sampling teams, costume teams, labor teams for events, mobile tour teams, tour managers, trade show teams, bar promo models, as well as providing brand ambassadors for large and small scale promotions anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We have also designed many promotional programs for clients.


Here is a link to a article NPR Market Place did with Lucky415 on Nov 19th about event teams.


From large markets to small markets we provide brand ambassadors to represent sponsors and products at all kinds of events and promotions. From Home Depot Grand Openings to Duran Duran Concert events, we have the ability to provide teams to make these types of events a success.

In 2008 we provided brand ambassador teams for over 400 concerts that included all the Motley Crue concerts, The Dew Tour, The X – Games, The American Idol tour, The Project Revolution tour, Duran Duran’s US and Canada tour, and the Maroon 5 tour. For five years we provided nationwide teams for all the Home Depot Grand openings. For three years we provided sampling teams at all the Race for the Cure events around the nation. In 2010 we provided talent for over 300 events for New Castle, Summer Ale, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Amstel Light. For five years we provided VIP host teams for all the Duran Duran concerts in the U.S. and Canada. We have also provided numerous street team events all over the nation.

Some of the brands we have represented have included Home Depot, Ralph Lauren, Rock Band, T-Mobile, Heineken, Polo, New Castle, Dos Equis,Summer Ale,North Face, Cover Girl, Coors, Miller Light, Blue Moon, North Face, Duran Duran, State Farm, Pepsi,Reebok,Toasted Head Wine, Coca Cola, Axe, Polaris, Honda, Pure Beauty, VW, Lexus, Gamesa cookies, Jones soda, Soy Joy, Sunchips, Olay, Gossip Girls, Ebay, Vera Bradley, Peacockalleygifts.com,State Farm,Nowwhat.com,Sony, Tostitos, and many many more.



We provide outstanding event staff and talent for the following types of events anywhere in the U.S. and Canada:
Nationwide Street-teams
Guerilla Marketing Events
Bar promotions
Product sampling
College Promotions
College street teams
College Sampling
Cause Marketing Events
Beverage sampling teams
Trade Show hosts
Event Staffing
Golf Events
Bar promotional models
Wine Sampling teams
Street team events
Guerilla marketing promotions
Costume teams
Promotional Models
Flyer teams
Golf tournament teams
College Sampling
Grand opening teams
Nationwide mobile tour teams
Mall events
Make Up Artists!
Wine Tasting Teams
Auto Shows
College sampling
Spring Break teams
Tour Managers
Concert Tours
Mystery Shopping
Guerilla Marketing/Street Teams
Sampling Promotions
In-Store Demonstrations
Nightlife Promotions
College Campuses
Character Appearances
Sports/Athletic Events
Lead Generation/Surveys
Grassroots/Viral Marketing
Amusement Parks
Product Launches
Sports Marketing Events
Cause Marketing Tours
Wine Tasting Teams
Ethnic or Bilingual Programs
Tour Managers
Marketing Managers
CDL Drivers
X-Games Event staff (Aspen and LA)
San Francisco Street Teams

Winter X-Games event teams

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