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How to make extra money while in college as a brand ambassador.

Each semester at colleges and universities across the nation-marketing firms, event staffing agencies, and brands often pay students to help promote their brands. The brands might be a new energy drink that has just hit the market or a product line that has been around for years. These companies are often looking for very outgoing brand ambassadors to help promote the brand on a college campus. Many of these jobs pay very well and the hours vary. Some brand ambassadors, that are also full time students, that live in a major city often work for multiple companies and represent lots of different brands during the school year. This is not only a fantastic way to make some extra money during the year but is a wonderful way to add to and build up a resume. Ambassadors can gain valuable experience working in the guerrilla marketing field. Most of these types of promotions pay between $10-$25 per hr. If you are interested in signing up to receive emails when events are being held near your school the  bes


College Sampling Promotion

t thing to do is to research some of the top marketing firms and event staffing agencies. Most of the agencies have a database where you can add your info and make a profile. Then when there is an opening you will receive an email or other form of contact. It is by far best to sign up with as many companies as possible. A good place to start is online at the event marketing magazine and promo magazine, Marketingrockstar.net, and EventPeeps.com Also some companies will post openings for event teams on Craigslist under events or talent. Just like any job, exercise caution of which companies you work with. Find out when and how much you will get paid before you start. Also Google the companies to make sure they don’t have a habit of not paying or paying months and months after the promotion is over. There are a lot of wonderful companies out there however there are some bad ones as well so be careful! Many ambassadors that work hard and give 120% end up as nationwide tour managers and market managers. If you have any questions about a path to becoming a tour manager or market manager feel free to contact us directly.   Lucky 415 has been providing college sampling teams across the nation since 2003.

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Are you looking for a fantastic way to promote your brand to students at Colleges and Universities across the United States? If so  street teams at Colleges might be a excellent choice for your product or brand!


Students love to receive free promotional items. Do you remember when you were a student and money was scarce. What could be better then getting a free gift card, t-shirt, hat, razor, shampoo, free beverage, soap, etc?.  Students love to receive free items and a great way to get these items into the student’s hands is by having street teams on a college campus. Often times if the street teams are handing out great promotional items then students will quickly tell their friends about the event.

Its impossible to tell you how many times we have sent out street teams to colleges that were handing out awesome items and within an hr the teams were completely swamped and ran out of the products altogether. In promotional marketing, that’s a good sign!

It is best to have the College street team ambassadors wear branded t-shirts with the company’s logo so they are easily identified. Also we suggest having a team of at least 4 staff to work an event at the same time. One person walking around giving out promo items can look a tad strange to anyone but especially on a college campus. However a group walking around in branded outfits giving out free items looks a lot more professional, well organized and put together.  Also a crowd draws a crowd and students on most college campus are very familiar with street teams.  It is also best to provide the street team ambassadors with information on the product they are passing out.   Many times we will provide the teams with a training number to call and go over the product details in a mandatory conference call.  This is an excellent way to make sure the teams have the knowledge to talk about the specific product or item that will be promoted.

Another suggestion is to provide a mascot. Many times we have clients that provide a mascot outfit to our college street team event. Usually one person will wear the mascot outfit while the other brand ambassadors walk around with the mascot and follow ‘handling’ procedures. This also usually draws a crowd very quickly.     Mascots are really great to draw a crowd, however if the product or brand does not have a mascot then a basic street teams still can work wonders to promote a product or brand. If you give out 1000 shirts at a college campus you can be sure you will start to see hundreds of students wearing the shirts in the next few weeks and months. The key is to give out items that students want.  For instance we provided teams once for a well-known handbag and travel bag brand.  Our teams at each college they went to ran out of thousands of free small handbag samples with in a few hrs.  The teams were swamped at each college. Once the first group of girls realized that our teams were handing out handbags they ran back to their sororities and dorms and told all their friends.  The events for the handbag company were an absolute success.  We have also found that beverages are also usually a huge hit on college campuses.  We usually would suggest having teams just giving out the free products. We have found students start to get skeptical and a tad worried if the brand reps try and take down their information such as email etc before they give them a free item. This also takes away from the idea of getting a no-strings attached free gift.  The idea is to produce a positive impact that the students will remember and tell their friends about.

Another College Street team suggestion is to make sure that you time the college event during school session and try to be sure the teams are always where the students are during ‘down’ time. If it is exam time students are usually stressed out and in hurry and the last thing they want is to distract by free items. We suggest the start of the school year or the start of new semesters.  Also make sure that school is in session before you start to work on the street team for a certain area. Also we have found that colleges that have a large campus seem to be best.

George Hayes

CEO Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions