Lets Get Crafty- How to pull off the best Marketing Campaign for your craft beer Company

With press releases of grand openings, beer samples of your top brews, glassware of the brewery, brewery tours, swag, and lessons on the market of craft brews, getting people the knowledge of your brewery is work in itself. Getting all of this completed and still getting time to brew the beer is a whole other subject, so how do you get it all completed fast enough to make your product relevant?

Well, getting the correct marketing completed when your brewery opens OR when you create a new brew is key to launching your products and creating a name for yourself in your marketplace. Did you know there are over 4,100 craft breweries in the U.S.A currently? What will you do to separate yourself from all of those other brands?

Anheuser-Busch Method-You can use the Anheuser-Busch/ InBev NV Anheuser-Busch InBev NV BUD, -0.59% Strategy. Anheuser has bought brewers like Elysian, Goose Island, Breckenridge, Blue Point, Four Peaks, etc for their brew stock (different brews offered within each brand), relativity within their own market space, The known “Name” within their individual markets, and their quality of products. If you can stay relevant within your market and can stay up to par with brands like these, then you are on your way to success.

Marketing Strategy-So do you create loads of swag to give away? NO. The best way to create more sales for your product and to create a true name for your brand is to SAMPLE your products to the masses! Even if you don’t get a ton of sales every time, The consumer will learn your products and remember the time they went to the liquor store and got to try your brew, or went to the festival and tried your products. You can give away some bottle openers or a glass WHEN product is purchased and that will help boost sales, however SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE and you will see your sales grow in your market.

We here at Lucky415 are staffed with an In-house Beer and Liquor expert. We not only provide support and training for each event, but our team behind the scenes is constantly training on new brands (Major brands with Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors and smaller Craft brands as well) in both Beer and in Liquor each month, so as new brews, wines, and liquors come out, our team is on top of it. We can support our team in the field with the proper training on all brands that come through to us. If you are looking for a new way to build your brand, send us a message with your request today and we can create a custom quote for you and your brand!

Charleston South Carolina sampling teams and event staffing ( Promotional Models)


Charleston, Sc is a fantastic place to do promotions or events. In the past few years Charleston has become one of the most popular wedding and tourist vacation destinations in the nation.  Plus over 200 cruise ships full of tourists and consumers dock in the city during the year.  In addition, there are now lots of events during the year that are filled with consumers that travel to Charleston from all over the nation. For instance the Charleston Bridge run, Spoleto, the Food and Wine festival, the Wildlife festival, and the kayak festival just to name a few. During the summers the beaches are filled with tourists and vacationers.   Charleston is a fantastic place to do street teams and sampling teams. Charleston is also a great place to have a wrapped promotional vehicle during the year. Maybe you are looking for a way to promote your brand. Have you thought about having a promotional vehicle wrapped with your logo that can drive around to top-notch event locations in the city?  The vehicle could provide supplies for sampling all over the city and the beaches.

If you need help with event teams or promotional teams in Charleston feel free to contact us. Or if you need help with a wrapped vehicle idea feel free to contact us. Info@lucky415.

NewCastle Beer Promotional Model

NewCastle Beer Promotional Model



Do you need super outgoing brand ambassadors or promotional models for an event in Charleston? Maybe you need promotional models for a golf event, nightlife promotion, or race promotion. We can help. We have been providing event teams since 2003 and have a office in Charleston Sc.

For a fantastic quote feel free to email info @lucky415.com or call

Since 2003 we have specialized in event-staffing, trade show hosts, street-teams, bar teams, guerrilla marketing, buzz marketing, trade show hosts, beverage sampling, grand opening teams, concert staffing, mobile tour staffing, sampling teams, college sampling teams, costume teams, labor teams for events, mobile tour teams, tour managers, trade show teams, bar promo models, as well as providing brand ambassadors for large and small scale promotions.

Some of the brands we have represented have included Peacockalleygifts.com, ABC, Adidas, Axe, Blue Moon Beer, Cover Girl, Coca Cola, Dos Equis, Duran Duran, Ebay, Gamesa cookies, Gossip Girls, Heineken, Honda, Jones Soda, Lexus, Miller Light, NBC, Nowwhat.com, North Face,Pepsi,Peacocockalleygifts.com, Polo, Ralph Lauren Reebok, State Farm, Streetspark.com, Summer Ale, Sony, Sunchips, Toasted Head Wine, Tostitos, Vera Bradley and many more

In 2008 we provided brand ambassador teams for over 400 concerts that included all the Motley Crue concerts, The Dew Tour, The X – Games, The American Idol tour, The Project Revolution tour, Duran Duran’s US and Canada tour, and the Maroon 5 tour. For five years we provided nationwide teams for all the Home Depot Grand openings. For three years we provided sampling teams at all the Race for the Cure events around the nation. In 2010 we provided talent for over 300 events for New Castle, Summer Ale, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Amstel Light. For five years we provided VIP host teams for all the Duran Duran concerts in the U.S. and Canada. We have also provided numerous street team events all over the nation and each year we provide event teams at Comic Con in San Diego. For the past eight years we have also provided event teams for the Winter X-games in Aspen.

To learn more about Lucky 415 be sure to check out our website at Lucky415.com or give us a call at 415-336-1455