Black Friday Street Teams

Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions has been executing successful street team activations at shopping malls (and the like!) since 2002. Whether your brand would like to provide potential customers with a free sample and coupon or have ‘in depth’ conversations with customers about your product line, there is no better time than Black Friday! Customers have the time to listen and are receptive to your messaging on this day.


Black Friday is the kick off day for Holiday shopping. Since 2001 Black Friday has been the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s one of the only opportunities that marketers have to influence consumer decision- making, minutes prior to large and medium size purchases. Retail direct marketers have known this for quite a bit, strategically placing demo ‘reps’ in the perfect position for closing the sale. The direct marketing/promotional  industry has now evolved to calling these reps (adequately so) ‘Brand Ambassadors’.

Our agency has had much success from street team activations during busy Black Friday hours. Nearly every target audience niche is out shopping on this day and more receptive to new product messaging than ever before.

Street team activations can usually be executed without permits, in most areas throughout the United States. Here are a few items our team members can include in a street team activation:

  • Coupon distribution;
  • Flyer and/or Poster Distribution;
  • Sample Distribution;
  • Product knowledge/awareness demos;
  • Complimentary gift distribution;
  • Social Media marketing tie ins;
  • Brand and Product Awareness;
  • Bike ambassador programs;
  • Technology based programs (App/Game downloads)

Plus many more! Our street team and brand ambassador crews are excited to learn about and promote new (and not so new) product lines and events. Give us a call (or an email!) today to hear more about how we can assist with your Black Friday program and help make sure you receive the ROI your brand deserves!

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Black Friday Mall Promotions Brand ambassadors at the CMA awards

Guerilla marketing and black friday event teams are a wonderful way to promote your brand or product.   Consumers wait in lines by the hundreds to get into malls and stores around the nation.  This is a perfect opportunity to promote your brand.   Guerilla event teams can give out thousands of samples while shoppers are waiting. Another idea is to have guerilla marketing teams hand out free shopping bags with you brand or logo on the side. This is a great way to promote your brand and a fantastic way for consumers to instantly have a positive feeling about your product or brand.  Most malls require a fee to have brand ambassadors inside the mall. So be sure to check with the malls before you send in Guerilla marketing teams on black friday. Most cities and towns allow guerilla marketing in high impact areas especially  if the teams are giving out free products.  Be careful about giving out food samples. Most cities require a permit to give out samples of food and the fines can be very high if the teams are caught with out a food permit.


Here is a fantastic article NPR Market Place did about Black Friday event teams.



Guerilla Marketing Teams in action