Looking back at just 10 years ago, promotional event marketing has come such a long way! Today, there’s so many options to choose from when you are looking for the best ways to reach out to your customers. It can honestly make your head spin! Starting out by looking for the RIGHT person or group of people who will represent and promote your brand the best way that it can make a BIG difference! Trying to find the best promotional event staffing to represent your brand through promotional events does not have to be hard! 

Let’s get one thing straight first! If you’ve never hired or worked with promotional event staffing then you probably don’t really know what promotional event marketing consists of. Promotional event marketing is a type of marketing strategy involving face-to-face interactions between the company and their customers. These promotional events typically take place at special events that provide entertainment such as fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events, or even parties. The way most brands are promoted is through promotional event staffing.When it comes to hiring promotional event staffing, they should already be well trained and prepared to represent your company to get that sales boost and brand awareness while also bringing in new customers!

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get into the different types of promotional event staff that are trained to work promotional events.

  • Retail Demo Staff
    • These types of promotional staffing events are usually done within stores. An example of a retail demo would be when LuckyXP had the pleasure of demoing H-Factor Water in several all natural stores throughout the United States. Our brand ambassadors were all fully equipped to confidently walk into each store with the knowledge of the H-Factor Water products as well as setting up great table displays to fully promote the brand and give out samples! LuckyXP has over 15 years of experience providing promotional event staffing for in-store demonstrations of products from candy to liquor samplings! 
  • Street Teams
    • Street teams, also commonly known as Guerrilla Marketing Street Teams, provide many services such as spreading the word and flyering! LuckyXP guerrilla marketing street teams have been able to work some big, fun events. A great example of a street team would be LuckyXP’s Amazon street team. The team worked events throughout the United States distributing over 1 million flyers while also setting up information booths to answer any questions for our wonderful client!
  • Event Staff
    • This type of promotional event staffing is usually provided when there’s a large convention or event taking place. An example would be through our Facebook tradeshow and convention staff. Facebook business held a big convention for all small businesses to learn from experts and local organizations to learn the insights for succeeding on social media. Our LuckXP team has been working these events for Facebook business since 2017 by working the registration desk, photo team leads, wayfinders, and so much more!
  • Costume Characters
    • Costume characters are pretty straightforward but are used to catch the public’s eye and bring fans in for fun, professional pictures while also promoting a brand or special occasion. A fun example would be when we sent our team to South Dakota to represent the presidents of Mount Rushmore.
  • Concert & Festival Teams
    • There are also promotional event staffing for big events such as concerts and festivals. A great example of this type of team would be the LuckyXP Guerrilla marketing team that got to go out to the Coachella & Ultra Festival. They were able to reach 50K Coachella fans with great beauty product samples while closing the gap for any ‘would-be’ customers to ‘long-term’ customers!
  • Promotional Models
    • This promotional event staffing is for clients that need a specific look to represent their brand. Some people think that promotional models are young men and women who dress in skimpy clothing to attract customers but that’s not the case. LuckyXP promotional models are trained to give their audience the experience that best fits the brand that they are representing making it their main goal to increase product awareness and sales. But don’t get them mixed up with brand ambassadors! To know the difference between a promotional model and brand ambassador, check out our What Fits Your Brand blog.

There are so many other wonderful services that our LuckyXP promotional event staffing have been fortunate enough to provide for some awesome clients! If you’re interested in our promotional event staffing services or are wanting to find out what other services we can provide for your next promotional event, send us a message here or contact us anytime at 415-365-0041 or at info@lucky415.com.

Promotional Event Staffing

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