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Why you should use a event staffing agency for your multi city mobile tour.
As an account manager with a mobile tour about to hit the road for a few weeks or few months it is often best to let a well known agency that has handled mobile tours in the past handle your event staffing. Of course you can try and book each event yourself and deal with mounds of governmental paperwork for each worker, contracts, and then at the end of the year have fun with tons more of governmental paperwork.  Not to mention that odds are your phone will be ringing off the hook each event day with no-shows and bailers. When you use a reputable agency, they handle most of the issues for you. They should be able to handle all paperwork, payment to the workers, contracts, end of the year governmental paperwork,  backups. Usually what goes on behind the scenes at an event staffing agency (An event staffing agency, such as Lucky 415) is that we spend a lot of extra time right up until the event making sure the teams are ready and prepared and we have backups ready if needed.   We also make sure to have all the paperwork for each worker filed in our data base and on hand and we have informed all the teams about there payment options via paypal or check. We also give them a specific date when the payments will be sent.  A great agency will cover all the bases. A bad and often new agency will book the brand ambassadors quickly often with out even getting paper work or reviewing resumes and doing phone interviews.  We have had lots of last minute calls over the years by account managers that tried to book teams for there mobile tours in each market and have had a nightmare of a time.  They usually call asking for help, last minute and in a panic. In addition, a great agency has the experience and years of resources to book lots of excellent teams in multiple city markets.
For instance if you have a mobile tour following a summer concert the schedule usually is back to back event dates for one to three months straight.  If you need a team of five in each market in 80 towns and cities for a 3 month tour you are going to be spending your entire summer booking teams, talking on the phone, taking calls about payment, etc. However, an experienced event staffing agency can have the teams ready in each market, each day for the entire tour. In addition, all the paper work is handled by the agency, all the paychecks are handled by the agency, the brand ambassadors have already had a phone training in each market going over the product and tour details. This helps your tour managers out greatly! Then the agency handles all the payment questions from the hundreds and hundreds of brand ambassadors. So basically a excellent agency= happiness for an account manager.  However if you are an account manager ask the agency you are thinking of using what tours they have booked in the past.  Make sure they have experience booking multi city tours.  If you have any questions or if we can help with advice in anyway feel free to contact us directly at info@lucky415.com

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Mobile tour events and event staffing companies (Why you should use a event staffing company)

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