For any small business owner, especially during the Covid-19 era, coming up with new, inventive ways to market your business can be challenging. One tried and true method to create new business and drum up sales is with the use of print marketing.
In this article, you’ll discover 10 distinct uses for different print marketing uses that will help you build your brand and awareness for your business.


With the new sanitation rules in place and people constantly doing to-go vs. staying in (especially with the hours of operations changing in each city) having custom menus and printable menus that are one time use is a great idea. This way, you can change your menu as needed and it makes a super convenient to-go menu for those who frequent your establishment to take home with them as well. These menu’s can be printed for any type of service.


When first time buyers first walk into your store, sometimes you need to incentivize a customer’s first visit. Do you have any of your program information in writing anywhere? Do you have a club that customers can join to get free goodies or swag? How will they know that your club is what they should join? Well, having a small printable somewhere in the building, usually by the check out counter is the best way to notify customers to “join the club.” Whether that be a brochure or small card, getting the right one for you can be easily created for your brand.


You can create coupon cards a couple different ways. Do you want to mail them as a postcard or mailer. You can keep the coupon in the store for new customers or as a loyalty card for pick up at the front desk, or you can do birthday special cards that you could mail to people for a birthday surprise. In this day and age people love getting new mail and this is the perfect way to remind them why you care about them as a customer.


Flyers are a convenient way pass out information about your business to gain additional customers that may not have known about you previously. You can pass out flyers safely and use another company, like to hire your staff as often as needed to pass out flyers or postcards to the community so you can get the word out about specials and events as fast as possible at a very low cost to you.


You can hire an experiential marketing team to pass out materials, do sign spinning, or be the face of your brand so you and your team can actually sell your brand. Whether you need to soft sell at a grand opening or have multiple events to help customers with special giveaways, crowd control, or additional sale days, use print marketing to help tell your story your way.


Postcards can be used to send out BOGO offers, Coupons, Hiring events, Birthday messages, and more. Postcard marketing is one of the best well known medias for marketing material, still today. It is a low cost and makes a quick memory for those that are receiving the postcard.

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Marketing Ideas for all small businesses: 6 effective ways to use print marketing

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