social_linkedin_button_blueLinkedin has turned into the facebook of the professional business world. It can now be interfaced with tools from so that all the small businesses can get the leverage they’d be looking for. One of these interesting tools is linkedin bot work, which automizes your messages and stuff for you. If you are a brand ambassador and have yet to make a Linkedin profile, it might be best to start ASAP.  Linkedin is a fantastic way for companies to check a person’s experience and see their resume and recommendations all on one page. For Lucky 415, this is a fantastic resource and we love it! We use Linkedin every single day to check ambassadors  references, background and experience. Also a lot of clients look at the Lucky 415 profile to check and see our back ground and references. We find that our potential clients also use Linkedin to check out our company page, view our event history and experience and/or check our references! Of course before they do business with a new vendor they want to make sure they have experience in that field.  Clients are able to check our extensive background with events, such as theirs, and they can feel confident when hiring us that we can get the job done.  We also use Linkedin to verify new clients and to be sure look like a reputable company.  This is one extra step we can take to help insure we get paid and in turn our staff. Linkedin company profiles also often allow you to read a quick paragraph about what the company does and if you have enough invites then you usually can see the employees at the company. You can also Follow the company.

Now lets talk about invites. Invites are a tad tricky and some people say to let anyone into your network and others say only let people you know very well into your network. Its up to you.  Usually you want to make sure you know the person or have worked with the person in the past before you send them an invite to let them into your profile.  If you receive an invite and the person seems like someone you know or have worked with then allow them into your profile. The more people you have in your group the more it expands to show more and more people in the same field.   It’s a lot easier than it sounds but if you have not tried it, we recommend you go ahead and give it a try.

If you are a brand ambassador you can start to list the companies you have worked with and also try and get some recommendations. ( But recommendations  would need to be an entire different blog)


Hope this helps!.
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Also feel free to send me (George Hayes) a invite and I would be happy to let you into my network.

If you use Linkedin and would like to send me a invite I would be happy to let you into my network.

The Lucky 415 Team!



Team Lucky 415

Linkedin, social media and Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. (Why social media is so important)

Lindsay Merlin

Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. Since 2003 we have specialized in event-staffing, street-teams, bar teams, guerrilla marketing, buzz marketing, trade show hosts, beverage sampling, grand opening teams, concert staffing, mobile tour staffing, sampling teams, college sampling teams, costume teams, labor teams for events, mobile tour teams, tour managers, trade show teams, bar promo models, as well as providing brand ambassadors for large and small scale promotions throughout the United States and Canada. We have also designed, promoted, and executed many promotional programs for clients. For a fantastic quote feel free to email or call. 415-336-1455 Some of the brands we have represented have included,ABC, Adidas, Axe, Blue Moon Beer,Cover Girl, Coca Cola, Dos Equis, Duran Duran, Ebay, Gamesa cookies, Gossip Girls, Heineken, Honda, Jones Soda, Lexus, Miller Light, NBC,, North Face,Pepsi, Polo, Ralph Lauren Reebok, State Farm,, Summer Ale, Sony, Sunchips, Toaseted Head Wine, Tostitos, Vera Bradley and many more. Be sure to "Like us" if you have a chance. For Facebook go to: Also be sure to "Follow" us on Linkedin where we will be posting jobs at Then click on the Follow button

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