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Some of the biggest cities in the US, per capita, have always been the hottest spots for Promotional Marketing. Our clients are opening stores in big cities, sending their street teams out in those regions, and in general spending a lot of money focusing on those regions.

Las Vegas Guerrilla Marketing

Las Vegas Guerrilla Marketing

We have provided event staff all throughout the US for over 10 years now, anyone that’s worked with us or become acquainted with our work knows that. We have, however, noticed over the last season, a trend of clients focusing their work in the Las Vegas area. More and more event requests have come across our desks this Winter and Spring than ever before for “Sin City”. This is a fantastic place to hand our samples or flyers and we have fantastic event teams in Vegas.

Why? The answer is quite simple. The attractions that Vegas offers draws in massive crowds. So that means, our clients are getting double bang for their buck there.

Some of the events we have worked on in the past and look forward to working on this year are:

The Electric Daisy Carnival (Electronic Music Festival) This festival attracts numbers in the tens of thousands, and exactly the demographic most clients are looking to connect with.

The International Consumer Electronics Show attracts 150,000 people each year. With large corporations making big time announcements. This is the place to be if you’re in the electronics biz!

SEMA and AAPEX attracts over 100,000 people and celebrities each year!  It is the biggest automotive specialty products display in the world, so needless to say, it’s a great place to target that audience.

Handing out flyers on the Las Vegas strip (

Handing out flyers on the Las Vegas strip

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