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This picture is of Lucky415.com event teams.

Lucky415.com has been providing sampling teams all over the nation since 2003.

We love to provide sampling teams and street teams! Sampling teams and street teams are a great way to increase brand awareness by putting information directly into the consumer’s hand. In most major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco,Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, etc.. and college towns consumers can easily identify sampling teams in action and many times they realize that a sampling team is associated with free promotional items. Who doesn’t love to receive something for free in this day and age? This is one of the main reason street teams are a wonderful way to generate an instant form of brand recognition.(Instant Gratification for the consumer.) If someone is on the way to work and they receive a free sample of a new beverage or a t-shirt by someone representing the brand with a smile and nothing more than maybe a few key words..this creates a lasting positive impression. In addition that person might go to work holding the item and tell his co-workers that he received a free promotional item. Thus spreading the word and positive feedback. (word of mouth) I have had the opportunity to see street team events across the country first hand and the smiles it brings to consumers faces. Many times consumers will flock to the street teams since they realize that often they are associated with free items. Thus a crowd draws a crowd. It is usually best to give out free promotional items associated with the brand. Such as hats, shirts, pens, key chains, etc. Or small samples of the product. If the teams are handing out good items usually the consumers will come to them.

If you need help with sampling programs or ideas feel free to email us at info@lucky415.com (http://www.Lucky415.com) or 415-336-1455

We have fantastic teams around the nation and in LA.

Since 2003 Lucky415.com has been providing event teams around the nation.

Since 2003 Lucky415.com has been providing event teams around the nation.

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