Here at LuckyXP Marketing & Promotions, we understand that there’s a lot to keep track of when working an event so taking great photos may be something that you don’t make as a priority while working and engaging with customers but we are here to help with our guide to taking great event photos for clients.

Pictures that our brand ambassadors and promotional models take are such an important part of every promotion because these are one of the main items that we return back to the clients. Clients can use these pictures for multiple reasons. Some use to post on their website or social media page to keep loyal customers up to date on new products and upcoming events. Others may use the pictures for documents and proof in case they run into any customer complaints. No matter what the picture usage is for it is our job to deliver what I’d like to call the “best view in the house!”

  • Be attentive of the appearances in each picture.
    • If you are taking a picture of or with your brand ambassador team make sure everyone looks professional and tidy. Check for hair in place and shirts tucked in.
    • If you are taking pictures of customers make sure everyone is paying attention, smiling real big and have the brand logo and product somewhere in the picture.
    • Also, keep in mind of the background, tidy up your display table and remove any unnecessary items such as trash cans and cell phones.
  • Mix it up!
    • Make sure you’re taking different types of pictures such as candid photos and posed photos. 
    • For candid photos, can take pictures of your team members serving and interacting with customers. With action type photos, take many photos just in case you get some blurry ones from people moving around.
    • For posed photos, you can get creative with these whether it’s standing together and smiling or using props and being silly!
    • You should also try taking photos from different angles in complementary with the lighting. Try to avoid angles or directions that will outshine or create blurry pictures.
  • Logo and brand placement
    • You always want to make sure both the logo and brand are visible in all your photos. 
    • Use brand ambassador shirt logos, props that are provided for the brand event, your display table, swag giveaways, and even the product itself to make it clear what brand you are promoting.
  • Make it fun!
    • Besides posed photos, clients want to see their customers and brand ambassadors having fun! Silly faces, laughing, and fun poses are a great way to represent the brand and show that your customers enjoyed learning about the brand.
    • Don’t shy away from videos and boomerangs as well to deliver a variety of content for your client. Whether they intend to use them or not, they will definitely appreciate them!

Delivering the “best view in the house” for you clients is not always an easy task. Keeping in mind these simple steps continuously will help progress your picture taking skills along with making your clients very impressed and pleased with your work! For any additional questions to help you prepare for your next event please feel free to send us a message here or contact us anytime at 415-365-0041 or at

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How to Take Great Event Photos

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