One of our most common printable requests for events is flyers. Flyers have been one of the most common forms and lower cost forms of simple communication to the public and other consumers since the beginning of printing.

While the general concept of flyers remains the same, these cost-efficient and easy to distribute flyers of today are generally are mostly used to:

  • help businesses find new customers,
  • get the word out on various events and activities.
  • Let customers know about a grand opening
  • Let customers know about a sale or provide coupons
  • Provide information about hiring events

How to make a flyer

The first step in creating the perfect flyer for your campaign is to figure out what your goal is. Why do you need a flyer? What do you need people do know? Once you decide what the goal is, you will know HOW to design your flyer to reach your customer.

Most flyers will fall under simple categories like these three below. If you need additional assistance in figuring out which one yours is, please reach out to us and we will assist you in your designs.

  • Event announcements: These flyers are typically for grand openings, sales, concerts, or local events that are happening in the community. They can be posted around town, passed out to you by a brand ambassador, or used in the store to assist in their event.
  • Product information/fact sheet: Fact sheets are exactly what they sound like, They give you information about the products you are viewing. You will typically receive these at trade shows, grand openings for a new product or restaurant, or a showing for a home. If you need additional information for what you are viewing, these take home sheets are perfect for a consumer who is passing through.
  • General business: When you are looking to get the word out about hiring events, grand openings, special events in the community, charities, and more, flyers are the best way to get information out fast.

Because each event has its own requirements, you may need a different style or design for your flyer created. While some events are okay with a smaller flyer and single sided, some may require a full sheet and double sided. A product fact sheet for example, is generally double-sided to make sure there’s space for product specifications, benefits, uses and more. If you have a flyer for a specific event date, make sure you add all dates and times for the event to the flyer.

Picking the right flyer size

A full-page flyer (8.5” x 11”) is our most common flyer chosen. These flyers work great for grand openings, for product sheets, for event information, charity events, and more.

Half-page flyers (5.5” x 8.5”) or smaller (5” x 7”, 4” x 6”) , are typically used for sales and special events, and can be used during events to add to your products as you promote. Are you promoting a sale, grand opening, or special? These smaller sizes fit perfectly in the palm of your hand as you are quickly passing out flyers to customers as they walk by. If you have less information to put onto the flyer, Like event date, time, location, or just a sale for a product, these smaller sizes work great and are a lower cost for printing.

We do offer custom sized flyers that are not listed on our business page and can be added as well. Just send us a message for your quick quote today! Additiona sizes are: 2.5” x 4”, 3.75” x 8.25”, 4.2” x 5.5”, 5.5” x 8.5”, 8” x 8”, 11” x 17”

Flyer Design Tips

How do you design the perfect flyer for your event?

  • Do you have brand colors?  Make sure you stay on brand, however make sure your flyer is BOLD enough to get noticed.
  • Do you need 2 sided printing? If you have too much information, instead of trying to fit it on one sheet, spread the information out onto a double sided print. Make sure everything you have is legible, easy to read, and customers can follow what you are trying to say.
  • Keep it simple. Get to the point early. Do not make consumers read all the way to the end to get to what you are selling them. Make it visual and make it easy to follow.
  • Your headline should be clear, big and bold. Make the headline stand out. See my example above? Pet Portraits is different font than the rest of my font. What is my goal? Make sure everyone knows what you are there to do.
  • Make the fonts legible: Make sure everything going onto your flyer is legible. Also, size does matter. It has to be a size that you can read and see as you try to read through the product description.
  • Using photography? Make sure your images are high resolution and print ready. We recommend a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) on every image printed, meaning that a background photograph on an 8.5” x 11” flyer would need to be 2550 x 3300 pixels, or around 8.4 megapixels.

Street teams and flyer distribution

Once you’ve got your flyers printed, it’s time to get them to your audience. Do you have a plan for flyer distribution already? Do you need assistance with creating a professional brand team to market your product or event successfully? If you are looking for the best way to distribute your flyers with the highest rate of return, reach out to LuckyXP today!

Lucky Marketing and Promotions is an international Event Staffing and Promotions company that works day and night provide our clients with the representation that their brand deserves.

We have been in business since 2003 and enjoy a fantastic reputation with our clients and brand ambassadors alike.

We focus on client satisfaction and fairness within the brand ambassador community. We work with each client on an individual basis to be certain that their project receives the attention that it needs and most importantly, deserves.

Flyers promote your business for you

In this digital world you only have a few moments to truly capture your customers eye. You need to make the best first impression as possible so creating the perfect flyer that they will remember will do just that. Hopefully using this guide will assist you in creating the best flyer as possible. If you need creative help, reach out to LuckyXP or printing help reach out to us today.

Are you in need of brand ambassadors? Ready to book an experiential marketing event? Please visit us at for more information today!

How to make the perfect flyer for your campaign

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