df-logoLucky 415 Marketing and promotions has been providing event teams for Dream Force for years! Some of the best guerrilla campaigns have made their way to San Francisco and executed and the one and only Dream Force!

Company executives from around the world flock to San Francisco to soak up all the knowledge they can about creating customer satisfaction and incentives within their own corporation. Dream Force is a huge conference and it’s no secret that DF2013 will attract some of the biggest and most important companies and their representatives from around the world. What better way is there to get your product’s name and brand image out there than guerrilla marketing at Dream Force, 2013!

We already know that guerrilla marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to market AMDany brand. When done appropriately, a large street team with just the right key messaging can send your sales and company attention (along with your ROI) over the moon! We’ve seen first hand how street teams can positively affect a company’s revenue and attention. Dream force is just one of the larger opportunities in the San Francisco area that allow for companies to utilize street team and guerrilla marketing initiatives in the best way possible.

Once you have decided that guerrilla marketing might be a useful tool for your brand, you have to keep a few things in mind.

  • One of the most important things to remember is time and location are everything! Large, carefully chosen, industry conferences, are one of the best places to reach your target market quickly.
  • Making an impression. Choosing a great location with access to your target audience is only half the battle. Now you have the task of making the right impression. So what do you do? A flyer? A promotional sample or item? If so, then what kind? Where do you get it from? So many little things that can make or break your efforts. Choose wisely. Put yourself in the position of your target audience. We’ve all been the person at a festival, mall or conference that was approached with a flyer, information or sample. What makes you WANT to hear what that person has to say? What gets YOUR attention? Answering those questions accurately is the key to a successful promotion.
  • Putting it all together. How do you make it all happen? Where do you find the right staff? A manager or team leader? How can you be sure they’re the right fit? How do you get the materials into the hands of your staff? Do you need permits?

So you’ve got your idea for street team marketing at Dream Force 2013 and it’s a good one. What’s next? How do you make it happen? Don’t panic! Give us a call! We can help manage your street team initiatives from start to finish. From inception to execution, we can make sure you get the most out of your project and at a surprisingly affordable rate!

Email anytime for a quote, info@lucky415.com or 415-336-1455.


Lindsay Merlin

Senior Account Manager

Dream Force, 2013 Event Teams, Street teams and more!

Lindsay Merlin

Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions Inc. Since 2003 we have specialized in event-staffing, street-teams, bar teams, guerrilla marketing, buzz marketing, trade show hosts, beverage sampling, grand opening teams, concert staffing, mobile tour staffing, sampling teams, college sampling teams, costume teams, labor teams for events, mobile tour teams, tour managers, trade show teams, bar promo models, as well as providing brand ambassadors for large and small scale promotions throughout the United States and Canada. We have also designed, promoted, and executed many promotional programs for clients. For a fantastic quote feel free to email or call. info@lucky415.com Lucky415.com 415-336-1455 Some of the brands we have represented have included Peacockalleygifts.com,ABC, Adidas, Axe, Blue Moon Beer,Cover Girl, Coca Cola, Dos Equis, Duran Duran, Ebay, Gamesa cookies, Gossip Girls, Heineken, Honda, Jones Soda, Lexus, Miller Light, NBC, Nowwhat.com, North Face,Pepsi, Polo, Ralph Lauren Reebok, State Farm, Streetspark.com, Summer Ale, Sony, Sunchips, Toaseted Head Wine, Tostitos, Vera Bradley and many more. Be sure to "Like us" if you have a chance. For Facebook go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucky-415-Marketing-and-Promotions-Inc/117729428286974 Also be sure to "Follow" us on Linkedin where we will be posting jobs at http://www.linkedin.com/company/202011?trk=tyah Then click on the Follow button

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    i was interested on working with your company as a liquor model or a brand ambassador please can you tell me where i can sign up with you guys or where i can send my resume and photos

    thank you
    romina lopez

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