Client Feature - Guerrilla Marketing and making brand connections

The Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasbord Street team used Guerrilla Marketing Street Teams to spread the word on their upcoming event throughout NYC.

Brand Ambassadors hit the streets in Brooklyn to distribute flyers with specials printed boldly that pointed to upcoming events and promotions at their locations. Many locals were not aware of the location or hours, much less the upcoming promotions and events.

Our street teams were able to work their magic in the community and do what they do best – make connections.

According to Mark Luckenbaugh “By hitting the streets, our street teams made brand connections with locals that built brand trust and loyalty that would have been impossible otherwise.

There is a certain connection that human customers make with our brand ambassadors that are just impossible to achieve with other marketing tactics. Putting a ‘face’ to your brand – that’s not something that a billboard, digital ad, or email can do. An interaction with a guerrilla marketing brand ambassador typically has the type of effect on a customer that makes them feel special. It makes the feel ‘lucky’, like they’ve been ‘sought out’ by that brand. There is a certain grassroots appeal to that that makes a customer talk about it with their friends, with their family, on their social media.

There’s just not really anything else like it.”





Client Feature – Guerrilla Marketing Street Teams

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