Warrenton OR Brand Ambassadors

Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions is searching for outgoing and energetic for an upcoming healthy street team brand ambassadors and in store demo ambassadors for a large grand opening event in Warrenton, OR

Event 1: 
Street Team 
Thursday – Feb 22 – 10:00am-3:00pm
Friday – Feb 23- 10:00am-3:00pm

Wednesday Feb 28 – 3:30-6:30pm (Ice Cream Social event in store)

Pay rate: $18/hr

Event 2:
In store Demo
Wednesday Feb 28 – 4-8pm


Please indicate which event (or both) that you’re applying to. If you’re interested in working event 1, you must be available for all 3 days.

Must be extremely reliable, outgoing, and willing to work with a team. Must be friendly, and approachable.

Please email your resume/photo to staff@lucky415.com if you’re interested in working this event. Please use the subject line “Warrenton Grand opening”

Is Lucky415 Right for your company?

When you are in need of a Marketing company for your events, let us handle the details for you!

I know you are asking yourself, Why Lucky415 instead of these other companies that google pulls up for me? Well, I am here to give you the reasons why Lucky415 is there for you.

Lucky415 has been in the industry since 2003. Since that time we have built up a nationwide database that can bring in ambassadors in nearly every city in the US and even in Canada. We have specialized in nearly every type of event and event style and will strive to make your event exactly what you need with the ambassadors that love to be in this industry. Lucky415 really works one on one with every client that comes to us to give them the best service possible. We invest our time to ensure that these events go off without a hitch so these days are easier on our clients.

We spend extra time interviewing and asking our event staff the right questions to make sure they are the right fit for every team they are on. If the event is for a Yoga product, we make sure the ambassadors not only come in already knowing about Yoga, but typically, many of them will be Yogi’s.

Not really sure on what type of event you need, but know you need the marketing to get the word out on your brand? Well our in house team can assist you in creating the right project/event for your company. We want what is best for our Clients and we can help you get to the right event for you.

Do you need an event staffed for this weekend and have nothing in the works yet? Well send us a message and see what we can do for you!  If you are in a large city, because we have such a large data base, we can typically staff events with just a 1-2 day notice. If it is a smaller city, we just ask/request a little extra time. However it never hurts to ask as we can always try to work our magic.

Lucky415 is working around the clock to make sure our clients are happy. We work with our on-site teams at all hours to make sure everything they need is in place and check in several days early to make sure that all materials and event needs are taken care of so all events can take place with no issues. We do everything we can to get a fantastic event for both our clients, but also make sure our ambassadors are happy so they make the best impression on everyone in site while they are in the field.

One thing that will make nearly every client happy, we have competitive rates that are lower than most in the industry. We even offer discounts when booking multiple events at once. All of our quotes are customized to fit your needs and the event at hand. We get as much information as possible up front, so we are as accurate as possible with our quotes, because no one likes surprises, especially when it comes to event costs!

So- We ask.. Is Lucky415 right for your company? Send us an email or give us a call to find out!

For a quote, email info@lucky415.com or give us a call at 415-365-0041.


Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions, Full Service Experimental Marketing Agency

How to get paid to travel the States and the world! How do you get a job as a tour manager?

Spam nationwide mobile tour

Nationwide Mobile Tour

Nationwide Mobile Tour

Taking good event photos can be easier than you think! Just follow a few simple 'event photo rules'!

Taking good event photos can be easier than you think! Just follow a few simple ‘event photo rules’!

Do you want to get paid to travel? Have you thought about becoming a tour manager but your just not sure how? When I finished college all I wanted to do was travel the world and find a way to get paid to do it.   After lots of research and sending out tons of resumes I came across the event-marketing and cause marketing field. I had never been told that such jobs existed. I was ready to pack my bags and head to Africa as a shotgun rider on an overland expedition. At the time I was offered a job on a nationwide event marketing tour to help promote Mothers Against Drunk driving and DARE. This was my first job into the world of event marketing, as a tour manager. My first contract was to travel the nation for almost a year setting up events each week in different cities. Each week I was in a new place and I loved every minute of it.   I managed event teams, labor crews, I worked with truck drivers, lots of volunteers, and tons of sponsors.  The second tour I landed was as the sponsorship manager for Blue Clues Live. I traveled the nation to venues such as Radio City and other well-known theaters.  I traveled with the entire cast and crew of the show. My job was to make sure all the sponsorship was displayed perfectly in each venue and to meet with sponsors. Once again.. I was paid very well to travel. When the show was over I landed another job as an event marketing tour manager and I had a few months to wait before the job started so I headed to Europe to travel and explore. I came back and traveled again for almost a year and then I went and hiked all over Switzerland and got an apartment in Norway for a while. I then landed another tour and came back to the states and traveled some more.  This is very common in the world of event marketing and tours. Many tour managers will work 5-12 months of the year and then travel and live over seas and come back and work on another tour. So if you love to travel.. being an event marketing tour manager, mobile tour manager, or sponsorship manager is the way to go.  I not only was paid to travel the United States and Canada but I was also able to travel to Spain, Morocco,Germany,Portugal,Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K., Scotland,France, Italy, Solvania, Croatia, Hungary,Austria,Belgium,Norway, Holland and many other countries.   One of the best ways to become a tour manager is to work as many events as possible.  When you work the events give 180% and talk to the tour managers and ask them for any advice they might have on how to become a tour manager. Be ready to travel with in a few days notice. Often I would get tours that started in a week or month away so I had to make sure I was ready to leave and hit the road for 5-12 months with out a lot of time to prepare. Another great way to find out about tours is to read Promo Magazine and the Event Marketer Magazine. They both often have lots of articles on mobile tours and event marketing programs. This is a great resource if you are interested in the field. Here is a link to an article about a promotional tour I did in 2003 for Crayola Crayons.http://www2.crayola.com/mediacenter/index.cfm?display=press_release&news_id=104
If you have any questions about being a tour manager feel free to contact me directly at ghayes@lucky415.com and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Each spring and summer we help a lot of clients find tour managers and market managers.
Thank you for reading our blog. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have a chance.
Or give me a call at 843-475-3132

Event Staffing, Brand Ambassadors,Street Teams Nationwide!

Nationwide Street Teams and grand opening street teams

Street teams are a great way to increase brand awareness by putting information directly into the consumer’s hand.   In most major cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Ny,  Dallas, Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, etc. and even in small towns consumers can easily identify street teams in action and many times they realize that a street team is associated with free promotional items. Who doesn’t love to receive something for free in this day and age?  This is one of the main reason street teams are a wonderful way to generate an instant form of brand recognition.(Instant Gratification for the consumer.)

If someone is on the way to work and they receive a free sample of a new beverage or a t-shirt by someone representing the brand with a smile and nothing more than maybe a few key words..this creates a lasting positive impression.  In addition that person might go to work holding the item and tell his co-workers that he received a free promotional item. Thus spreading the word and positive feedback.   (word of mouth)

I have had the opportunity to see street team events across the country first hand and the smiles it brings to consumers faces.   Many times consumers will flock to the street teams since they realize that often they are associated with free items. Thus a crowd draws a crowd.  It is usually best to give out free promotional items associated with the brand. Such as hats, shirts, pens, key chains, etc. Or small samples of the product. If the teams are handing out good items usually the consumers will come to them.

Street teams for grand openings


Street teams are an awesome and inexpensive way to promote a grand opening.  Usually it is best to have the teams give out some kind of gift card or contest card to get the consumers into the store. For instance, you might want to give out small promotional items and a card for a contest. If the consumer brings the items into the store with in the next few days they can enter into a drawing for a free items etc… Another way to drive consumers into the new store is to give out gift cards that they can scan or check at the grand opening table at the entrance to the new store. (This usually works very well)

When they arrive at the store they can check to see what kind of prize they might have one.   These are great ways to have consumers become familiar with the new store and location.  You also want to do some research to find your target audience. For instance if you are trying to promote a hardware store grand opening you might want to send street teams to construction sites and offer chances to win power tools or other really nice items dealing with a hardware store.

Street team events to promote a new product

Lets say you want to drive consumers to your new website.  You can send out teams to a well-researched area to give out promotional items that have the website listed. Another example is for instance would be airlines. Airlines sometimes send out street teams to give out tons of free promotional items in a city to help let consumers know they are now flying out in and out of that city, and also a few random consumers are given free no-stings attached round trip domestic flight tickets.

Can you imagine going to work one morning and you see a street team and are given a free round trip ticket.  Think how many people you will tell about the gift.  Thus promoting the airline for years to come. Another example is beverages. The large beverage companies figured out long ago that street teams are a fantastic way to bring smiling faces and promote the beverage.  Beverage street teams usually are little tricky to operate since usually you can run out of product quickly. Consumers love free beverages.  Many times beverage street teams will show up to a certain location with ice cold beverages and give out as many as possible and then quickly move to another location.   The more creative the better. Maybe there is a line waiting for a ferry boat after work on a hot day and the beverage street teams shows up and gives a bevaege to everyone standing in line. (This is another very positive lasting impression)

George Hayes
CEO Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions, Inc.



If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 415-336-1455 or email info@lucky415.com  We have been providing street teams across the country since 2003.

How to Accurately and Effectively Check References

Checking references and doing a quick background search before hiring an event staffing company can save you a lot of time and Money in the long run!

When hiring in the Event Marketing Industry, checking references before making a hire can mean the difference between having an awesome execution and having a total nightmare on your hands. While the reference check can seem extremely time consuming, frustrating, and may even come across as a waste of time, you’ll understand as you read on why doing a little background research can be an extreme help in the log run.  There are several reasons why we suggest checking references and past work experience (of every potential agency/candidate) to anyone hiring an event staffing agency or anyone hiring event managers or staff directly.

Follow the following steps to be sure that you’re getting a well-rounded idea of the type of work (and work ethic) the company/candidate you’re considering has.

  • Social Media. It can be extremely helpful in gaining understanding about a company when you’re thinking about hiring them to manage your event staff. Check to see if the company has a presence on several different social media sites. Check their Facebook page, Twitter Account, Website, and most importantly LinkedIn.
  • Do some internet searching. After you google the company name and any other keyword combinations you think may be helpful, you should have a clear understanding of their reputation with other companies, staff members, etc. While it’s true that anyone can post non sense, or slander, on the internet, it’s unlikely that there will be multiple complaints on the same subject.
  • Read the References they have listed within their website, or their LinkedIn profiles. Be certain that they should sincere. A lot of references may be falsified or exaggerated as a favor to the person or company. Make sure you’re getting the ‘real deal’ before you close the deal.
  • If you’re hiring a person, call their references. It may seem a little time consuming, but it’s well worth it in the long run. References will generally be honest with you if you ask *specific* questions about the person’s work ethic and performance.
  • Be specific when you speak with individual references. Ask how the person worked with others. Did they lead the team well? Did they have any issues with the person or feel as though their work had restrictions? Would they rehire this person?, etc.
  • Make sure you let a job applicant know in advance that you will be checking their references. Also be sure (when you’re hiring a person) that you gain proper legal consent from the potential employee.

Checking references before you hire a company/candidate can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If you’re not sure you’re capable of checking the references and making the decision yourself, outsourcing may be a great option for you. Doing the planning and research that is needed prior to making the hire can make the difference between a very happy or a very sad ending for your live event marketing projects.

Lindsay Merlin

Sr Account Manager

Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions



How to take Great Event Photos… and more!

Taking good event photos can be easier than you think! Just follow a few simple 'event photo rules'!

It sounds easy enough, right? You’re asked to go out to your event, work diligently (The way you always do…) and just take a few photos to send back in to your agency/client afterward. Piece of Cake…That is until you’re amidst the craziness that can be event marketing.

The thing about event reporting and taking event photos is.. being a photographer is expected of you, on top of your other job duties. During a busy event, things can get crazy on site and the next thing you know, you’ve only been able to capture a few pictures and they’re not great…maybe even usable. You don’t want to disappoint your agency or client..so you need to be sure you get your job done correctly and efficiently. The only way to do this is to plan the turn of events prior to your event starting.

Plan, plan, plan!

Know how many pictures you are expected to take in advance. Does your agency want you to send in 20 pictures from your one day event or 100? It may not be as hard as you think to capture some great shots.  Just follow these few simple guidelines.

  • Understand what your agency would like to see as a result. Read through your training materials. More times than not, the picture criteria is listed within it. If not, don’t be shy to ask. It’s understood that you’re required to take photos (Take them weather you’re asked..or not) but you’re account manager won’t mind if you ask what type of photos they’d like to see. (They’ll even be impressed!)
  • Group Shots are one of the best kinds of shots you can take! Take them at every chance you have and remember.. You WILL have to get the group together yourself for the shot. They will not gather together in a great group position and wait for someone to randomly come by with a camera to take their photo. You will need to convene everyone into a group and announce that you’d like to take a quick shot of the group for the client. Wait until there are little or no customers around (5 minutes prior to the beginning of the event is a perfect time) and then let everyone know you’d like to take a few pictures.
  • Always be sure you get more than one shot of each picture. Taking a few shots of each picture helps you be sure you will get a good one. Someone might close their eyes or look away, so if you have a few different shots of the same pose, you’re likely to get a great one!

    Example of bad photo. Subject is not facing camera, No branded images can be identified...

  • Take customer interaction photos. Put yourself in the client’s shoes for a minute. Think about the types of photos and interactions you would like to see if you had planned this event out. If you’re the one planning the event and imagining how the customer will react and interact with the event staff.. how would you imagine it? In your opinion, what is the most interactive part of the event. Take pictures of that. Get shots of the event staff interacting with responsive customers. Make sure to capture their faces in the shot!
  • Just a simple step to the left or right can make a big difference in an event photo. Try your best to center your photos, with the subject in the middle. Be sure that the photo is focused and not blurry and that you’re using good lighting or have your flash turned on.
  • Get shots of your client’s branded event materials. For example, a picture of an event sign by itself is probably not going to be a great picture, however a picture of an event staffer standing next to the sign handing out event materials to consumers can be a great picture! Set your pictures up. Don’t be afraid to let your fellow brand ambassadors know that you’re setting the photo up and you’d like to get a shot of them interacting with the group. Brand Ambassadors, as a whole, should be comfortable having their picture taken. It’s part of the job! 🙂
  • Be certain that there are not other brand materials in or near your photo. If you’re at a large event, you’re likely to be surrounded by a number of other sponsors and their campaign materials at your event. When you’re taking your photos, however, as mentioned earlier, be sure that you’re taking the precautions you need (take a step to the left or right, reposition your subject, etc) to make sure that your client’s staff, materials, and customers are the only thing in the photo.

Example of a bad photo. Lighting is too low, subjects are blurry and not centered.. we could go on forever.

When and How to Report

When you’re finishing up your event, no matter how big or small, the last step you’re likely to encounter is your reporting. It’s important to understand what’s expected of you regarding reporting before you set out for your event. Follow these few important steps to ensure you collect the information you need for your report forms before it’s too late.

  • Read through your report forms before your event. This will allow you to know what information your client expects to be reported. Is this the type of form (interactive)  that needs to be filled out while your working (inventory needs to be counted, etc) or is this the type of form that needs to be filled out after the event (reflective).
  • When filling out reflective forms post event, memorize or jot down the types of information you will need for the form and keep it handy at your event. For example, some report forms may ask you a question such as: “How many customers did you encounter in the day”. Obviously this will need to be an estimate, as you will probably be too busy to actually keep an accurate count, however you’re more likely to report a closer number if you jot your estimate down several times throughout the day on a note pad. This will give you a reference point to refer to when you’re filling out your report forms after the event. Keeping notes on the event is a excellent way to fill out a more accurate report afterward.
  • Always turn your reports in ON TIME! Reports, accompanied with photos, need to be turned in, in a timely fashion. Never wait more than 36 hours after your event to turn your post event materials in. You want to be paid in a timely fashion, so be sure you turn everything in from your event on time. Familiarize yourself with your agency’s requirements since some of agencies have a 12 or 24 hour requirement for their staff, however, never wait more than 36 hours. More times than not, the information you collect in the field is needed for reporting purposes to the end client. They expect their information fast!

Example of a good event photo. Subjects are centered, Smiling, facing camera. Branded material in the background. Two thumbs up.

Taking Great event photos and turning in accurate and efficient report forms is a very important part of a brand ambassador’s and Tour/Market Manager’s job. When you understand what your client expects out of you, go a little farther than that. Turn in a few extra photos, take down a few extra comments and notes for your forms, and turn your reporting in a few hours earlier than expected. This type of pro activity from event staff is the thing that rehire is made out of. Best proud of what you do and let it show in your reporting!

Happy New Year!

Lindsay Merlin

Sr Account Manager

Lucky 415 Marketing & Promotions



College Street Teams, College Sampling Teams, College promotions.

Are you looking for a fantastic way to promote your brand to students at Colleges and Universities across the United States? If so  street teams at Colleges might be a excellent choice for your product or brand!


Students love to receive free promotional items. Do you remember when you were a student and money was scarce. What could be better then getting a free gift card, t-shirt, hat, razor, shampoo, free beverage, soap, etc?.  Students love to receive free items and a great way to get these items into the student’s hands is by having street teams on a college campus. Often times if the street teams are handing out great promotional items then students will quickly tell their friends about the event.

Its impossible to tell you how many times we have sent out street teams to colleges that were handing out awesome items and within an hr the teams were completely swamped and ran out of the products altogether. In promotional marketing, that’s a good sign!

It is best to have the College street team ambassadors wear branded t-shirts with the company’s logo so they are easily identified. Also we suggest having a team of at least 4 staff to work an event at the same time. One person walking around giving out promo items can look a tad strange to anyone but especially on a college campus. However a group walking around in branded outfits giving out free items looks a lot more professional, well organized and put together.  Also a crowd draws a crowd and students on most college campus are very familiar with street teams.  It is also best to provide the street team ambassadors with information on the product they are passing out.   Many times we will provide the teams with a training number to call and go over the product details in a mandatory conference call.  This is an excellent way to make sure the teams have the knowledge to talk about the specific product or item that will be promoted.

Another suggestion is to provide a mascot. Many times we have clients that provide a mascot outfit to our college street team event. Usually one person will wear the mascot outfit while the other brand ambassadors walk around with the mascot and follow ‘handling’ procedures. This also usually draws a crowd very quickly.     Mascots are really great to draw a crowd, however if the product or brand does not have a mascot then a basic street teams still can work wonders to promote a product or brand. If you give out 1000 shirts at a college campus you can be sure you will start to see hundreds of students wearing the shirts in the next few weeks and months. The key is to give out items that students want.  For instance we provided teams once for a well-known handbag and travel bag brand.  Our teams at each college they went to ran out of thousands of free small handbag samples with in a few hrs.  The teams were swamped at each college. Once the first group of girls realized that our teams were handing out handbags they ran back to their sororities and dorms and told all their friends.  The events for the handbag company were an absolute success.  We have also found that beverages are also usually a huge hit on college campuses.  We usually would suggest having teams just giving out the free products. We have found students start to get skeptical and a tad worried if the brand reps try and take down their information such as email etc before they give them a free item. This also takes away from the idea of getting a no-strings attached free gift.  The idea is to produce a positive impact that the students will remember and tell their friends about.

Another College Street team suggestion is to make sure that you time the college event during school session and try to be sure the teams are always where the students are during ‘down’ time. If it is exam time students are usually stressed out and in hurry and the last thing they want is to distract by free items. We suggest the start of the school year or the start of new semesters.  Also make sure that school is in session before you start to work on the street team for a certain area. Also we have found that colleges that have a large campus seem to be best.

George Hayes

CEO Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions



Important things to include in your event marketing resume, and more

Applying for new events, often times with a new company, is par for the course in the event marketing field. With most work in the industry being short term, it’s common to have to send your resume out hundreds of times in a year to keep yourself in work. The key to success in event marketing job hunting  lies within the quality of your resume and not the quantity.

Making your resume and event application stand out is not as difficult as some may think. If you follow a few easy steps in applying you’ll be surprised at how much more of a response you will get.

Always make sure that all of your correspondence with your potential agency is professional.

So what does that mean, anyways? Proper grammar, spelling, professional tones in your email and phone calls, and a nice and friendly manner never hurt anyone. Think about the way you like to be talked to and corresponded with. You, as well as any one else, appreciate respect and professional courtesy when you’re corresponding with a business associate. Event recruiters have one thing in mind when they’re filling open positions for any type of promotion. Filling the open position with a well qualified, well spoken, friendly and appropriate staffer. You may only have one chance to make the impression that you’re capable of being the person that the client wants to have at their event. Even though you may be perfect for the job, you have to prove this in a short email and/or resume and standout.

Always write a cover email (letter)

You always heard about how important the cover letter is in school, and it’s true, it really is. The way we submit our credentials for jobs have changed in the last ten years. We no longer fax or mail our resumes and wait weeks to get a reply. In most industries, not excluding event marketing, we email our credentials over to the agency that is hiring. An email cover letter is just as important (if not more so) than the traditional cover letter that you would include with a fax or a mailed packet. Be sure that you follow all of the traditional rules for cover letters when you write your email. You should be sure that you address the person you’re writing to in the beginning, use proper grammar, and make clear your intent to apply for the open position (listing the title of the job you’re applying for). If you’re applying for a specific position.. For example, ‘Tech Savy Market Manager for a 3 day local trade show’, writing your relevant experience and abilities in your cover email may be very helpful in getting yourself the first call back.


“Dear Staff Recruiter:

Good afternoon! I am writing to express my interest in the position you have listed through your website for a ‘tech savy market manager’ in Dallas. I would be a great asset to your team for this event. I have just recently finished working as a ‘tech savy tour manager’ on a similar product on a three month tour. I feel strongly capable of being able to manage the tasks that are necessary to make this event  a success.”

Always include your resume with your application.

You can build a great impression of yourself, your experience, and your background with one little document. The resume.

Many times you may have heard that your resume should not be more than one page. This rule really does not apply for the event marketing professional. More times than not, people that have been in the event industry for a long period of time may have a resume that is several pages long.. That’s ok! The best way to manage your event marketing resume is to follow these simple steps.

  • Categorize your resume sections. Put retail events in one section, concert events in another, your time spent as a market manager in another, and so on. The easier it is to read, the more guarantee you have that someone actually will!
  • Make your resume clean and precise. Do not add extra things into your event marketing resume that do not add value to it. If it doesn’t add value to your experience or abilities, take it off.
  • Make sure you have all of your contact information at the top of the resume, clearly printed beneath your name. The easier it is for a recruiter to get in touch with you, the better!
  • If you’re going to add a picture to your resume, ONLY add one. More than one picture in a resume file will make the file harder to open and more difficult to review.
  • Always ALWAY ALWAYS make sure that your resume is in a very open-able format!!! Never send your resume in a .wps file or other type of file that is not universal. I’d recommend always using .PDF extensions for your resume file but if that is not possible for you, then always use the .doc or .docx extension. The adobe .pdf extension is the best since almost all computers can open that. You need Microsoft office, or at least the reader to open the .doc or .docx. If you send your resume to ANY recruiter in another format (unless specifically noted in the application instructions) it will not be opened and you will have wasted your time all together.

Always list your contact information in your email.

Make yourself easy to reach. Remember that if you apply for certain positions, the easier you are to contact, the more likely you will be to get hired. If you send your resume over to several recruiters and wait a day to check your reply emails, chances are, someone else that replied faster has already gotten the job. There’s some tough competition out there so it’s best to be ‘one step ahead of the game’.

Send an email to check in with the agencies you commonly work with, from time to time.

Send a friendly email to check in with the account managers at the agencies you work with, from time to time. Let them know that you enjoy working with them and that you’re still available in the market you’re at. If you move, let them know! Many agencies are nationwide, so they’re likely to have work for you in many different places.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be professional. The event marketing industry is a very competitve place. You need to be alert, be professional, and be responsive to land great promotions. Good luck out there!

Lindsay Merlin

Sr. Account Manager

Lucky 415 Marketing and Promotions


How to become a tour manager or sponsorship manager. (How to get paid to travel the world)

As a tour manager, you have the opportunity to make a very good living. Even though working as a tour manager is not all fun and games, it has many advantages above and beyond the financial ones.

Some of the biggest advantages are:

Becoming a good Mobile Tour Manager

  • Making your own flexible schedule
  • Working less. Most tour managers work only 8-10 months per year.
  • Being free to do what you wish for the rest of your year or until your next tour starts.
  • Having the opportunity to live and work all around the country.
  • Being able to meet hundreds of new people.

If you enjoy traveling, meeting new and interesting people, and you have great problem solving skills, becoming a tour manager could be for you!

How do we choose managers?

When we recruit tour managers we look for several different skills, knowledge sets, abilities and experiences for an individual to have.

Some of the experience, skills, and abilities needed:

Work history. Has the candidate been a brand ambassador and/or tour manager or market manager in the past?
Work ethic. Has the candidate shown a proven work ethic on events worked in the past? These types of individuals have usually shown up to events they were previously booked on: early, ready to work, followed directions well, followed paperwork and administrative guideline instructions well, have a positive attitude, and just went that ‘extra mile’.
Have expert problem solving skills. We know that trucks break down, generators stop working during events, flights get delayed. Tour managers need to be able to identify the problem at hand quickly and work efficiently to correct the issue as soon as possible.
Multi Taskers. Our tour managers need to be able to take on a variety of tasks. In any given week they could be expected to, drive up to 2000 miles, set up multiple events, manager several labor crews, manage many event staff teams, meet important clients for dinners, obtain appropriate permits from local governments and authorities, speak with consumers about the brand they’re promoting and be sure their team is doing the same.

In a perfect world, all workers would have the skills, abilities, and experience above, however, we all know that we don’t live in a perfect world.  We look for people that have the above qualifications and go above and beyond for us and our clients.

So how do you become a tour manager?


The first step to becoming a tour manager is to work as many events as a brand ambassador as possible. Gaining experience in events not only will look great on your ‘tour manager resume’ but will also give you the much needed knowledge and problem solving abilities that you will need when you’re out in the field.

While working events be sure to go that extra mile! Get to know the tour managers and other event staff. The more people you know in the industry, the better!

Some of the things we suggest..
Offer to stay at the event and help with tear down.
Never complain to the tour manager about the conditions or ask for an extra break or if you can leave early, etc. (We understand everyone has emergencies and life happens.. But as a general rule!)
Ask the tour manager how you can help to make their event better. (They’ll notice you’re trying hard)
Always act professional. No one will hire you to lead an event for hundreds of teams if they can’t trust you to be professional at all times.
Always be sure you follow the guidelines set up for paperwork and payment by the agency you’re working for. The agency you’re working for always looks at how well you followed instructions when you were hired as a basis for what your work ethic will be like.
Be positive! Everyone likes to work with postivie and fun people.
Keep in touch with Staffing agencies and other industry professionals. Send thank you emails, cards and letters letting companies know if you enjoyed working with them, enjoyed their fast payments, etc. This will help you stand out from others. Let’s face it, staffing agencies (like us) get thousands of resume and emails a week. Standing out from the rest, as the best, is always a good thing!
Don’t be afraid to send your resume to many companies. Make as many contacts as you can.

Other tips:
Avoid companies that seem shady (go with your gut instinct)
Ask co workers on events about companies. Chances are other industry professionals have had experience with them and can let you know if they were happy working for them. (i.e. They were paid fast, or unfortunately in some cases, not paid at all), the tour was low budget, problems were not dealt with in a timely manner, etc.
Once you land you first tour, work hard, don’t quit, learn to manage, learn to problem solve, and work with your account manager in the office to make sure the tour is a absolute success.  If you have to drive 800 miles to an event set up run the event, and then be in another city 3 days later. Get the job done!

Once you work one tour or a few and give %100 then you will find that companies will start to find you. Do you homework if you are offered a tour. Make sure the pay is fair, the per diem is up to par, and you will be driving in a safe vehicle. Be sure the company does what it says it is going to do and always get the information you need in writing.

if you are driving a box truck or something similar, make sure you are up to par on the legalities. If you have to have a driving log, your own insurance, etc. Some marketing companies will pay you to go to driving school to get a CDL or other driving licenses.  Always find out all the tour details prior to accepting the job and remember nothing in life goes as planned.  Cities might change, the tour might be cut short, or extended just remember to always give %100 and give a positive attitude and you will do well as a tour manager.

Lindsay Merlin