Brand Ambassador vs Promotion Model? What is the right choice for you?

If you’re a company that would like to increase your brand’s awareness or elevate your sales, hiring the appropriate event staff is your next best move! But how do you know what type of event staffing you need to fit your brand and get the best results from? LuckyXP Marketing & Promotions has both brand ambassadors and promotional models all over the US that’ll help you reach your brand goals!

Brand Ambassadors

When hiring a brand ambassador, you’re hiring someone who will act as an extension to your company’s sales and marketing team. LuckyXP brand ambassadors are trained to create a positive point of view on your brand by relying on their presentation, product knowledge, and uplifting personality. Ambassadors are informative of what the company has to offer and are your go to people for any product questions that the consumers may bring up!

Promotional Models

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When a company hires a promotional model to represent their brand, they are hiring someone who will drive the brand image and make the brand more entrancing. LuckyXP promotional models are trained to give their audience the experience that best fits the brand that they are representing making it their main goal to increase product awareness and sales. A promotional model’s specialty is to draw customers in and entertain them with the basic brand knowledge that leaves your customers wanting to know more!

Although brand ambassadors and promotional are two completely different positions in the marketing world, they also share quite a few similarities that makes it hard to decide which one fits your company best. They are both hired to represent and create excitement of the brand while increasing sales and awareness in their own ways.

 Let our LuckyXP Marketing team help you decide on the best event staff to represent your company’s brand by sending us a message here or contacting us anytime at 415-365-0041 or at We look forward to hearing from you for your next big event!

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Brand Ambassador vs Promotion Model

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