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Pittbull Concert Street Teams ( LA Aug 2012

Pittbull Concert Street Teams (


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So you have your tent and sponsorship plan ready for concert and now all you need is to find some outgoing brand ambassadors to work the event representing your client’s brand? This blog will try and explain why using an event staffing agency that specializes in events and concerts might be the way to go.

Most well established and reputable event staffing agencies have databases that are able to find ambassadors in remote locations like the Bonnaroo event in Manchester, TN or other large concert venues. A reputable agency also will require the teams fill all the correct paper work and tax information they need to be a contractor at the event.

Another great reason to contact an agency is to simplify your event wrap up. It’s easier to write one check after the event is over than worry with event recaps, paying separate staff and managers, organizing photos and tax related info.  When you use a great event staffing agency they not only book the teams but also will make sure the teams work hard from start to finish.


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