Being an independent contractor and/or a brand ambassador during the COVID-19 pandemic is not easy. Many of us were used to booking tons of lucrative events, booking ourselves through the weekends every week, and staying on top of our busy lives.

Now we find ourselves facing a slow return to a new normal, not knowing when or how the brand ambassador industry will come back. Fortunately, the industry seems to be slowly returning, into what many call a ‘new normal’.

Industry leaders are beginning to see new clients reaching out for events and companies spending marketing dollars once again. Hopeful that the COVID pandemic will be under control in 2021, many brands and companies are scheduling winter and spring events for next year, and even festivals are (hopefully) making a come back!

We know times are tough, so we wanted to share a few quick tips for you to stay in the know about events and how to get through these tough times.

  1. Stay in the know! Frequently check on your typical FB groups for events that are popping up in your region! Be sure you apply early and set up your notifications to be notified of new posts!
  2. C-H-E-C-K in on your agency connections! Work with the same people over and over again at your ‘regular’ agencies? Check-in with them! Even if it’s just to see how they’re doing! If you’re fresh on their mind you’ll be the first one they think of when an event comes across their desk.
  3. Talk to other people in the industry! This one kind of goes along without needed to be said, but stay in touch with your BA friends! Share jobs with them and they will return the favor!
  4. Look for other gig types of work to fill in the gaps. UberEats and Shipt/personal shopping are great alternatives to BA work for the time being.
  5. File for an extension on unemployment where available/if needed. If you have the option, do not hesitate to file an extension on unemployment. Our industry has taken a severe blow and it could be months before we’re back to normal.

5 Quick Tips for brand ambassadors during COVID-19

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