Direct Marketing is usually an over looked method of Marketing in the world today, but with results year after year, why should you not use direct mail? With the ever shrinking marketing budgets and the ever increasing demands to show impact on every campaign, we have laid out the exact reasons why, direct mail needs to be in every company’s marketing campaign in 2020.

  1. On average, Americans receive 525 pieces of mail per year, and 10 pieces of mail per week. @USPS
  2. On average, you will receive 120 emails per day and respond to under 25% of them, while only receiving 1-2 pieces of mail per day. @HBR
  3. The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, compared to direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days. @USPS
  4. 79% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want. @USPS
  5. 58% of the mail American households receive is marketing mail. @USPS
  6. According to the USPS, total mail volume has declined by 29.85% since 2006. However, because of the decline, it actually offers a better opportunity for direct marketing campaigns to be noticed. @DMA
  7. House lists boast a 9% response rate on average, while prospect lists receive an average response rate of 5%. That’s a 173% increase since 2006 for house lists and a 194% increase since 2006 for prospect lists. @DMA
  8. 59% of US respondents say they enjoy getting mail from brands about new products. @Epsilon
  9.  And, 76% of people trust ads they receive in the mail vs. ads they receive by email. @MarketingSherpa
  10. 42% of 25–34 year olds said they read mail immediately and find it useful. @USPS
  11. 60% of catalog recipients visit the website of the company that mailed them the catalog. Royal Mail Group, LTD
  12. 58% of households with incomes over $65K purchased from Direct Mail. @USPS
  13. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. @DMA
  14. If you send oversized mail, Prospects are 15% more likely to respond if they have never done business with you previously. @DMA
  15. Per USPS, 98% of people check their mail daily and Americans spend upwards of 30 minutes with their mail on a single occasion. @USPS
  16. 68% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased website visits. @DirectMag
  17. 60% of marketing respondents said combining digital and direct mail increased ROI. @DirectMag
  18. When done correctly, U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold; a 1,300% return. Print Drive Commerce
  19. At $38.5 billion, direct mail will account for the largest portion of local advertising spend in the United States in 2018 @USPS
  20. Why direct mail works:
    • • Selective. Mail lets you target your most loyal customers – or a select group of consumers.
    • • Measurable. Mail can be tracked to test the effectiveness of formats, offers, mailing lists, and more.
    • • Reach. All of your customers have a mailing address, giving you direct access to everyone doing business with you.
    • • Personal and private. Mail creates a one-to-one communication between you and a customer.
    • • Relevant. Mail allows you to tailor a message to a specific audience or demographic set.
    • • Control. You choose when you want to mail and what format you send.
    • • Tangible. Consumers save mailed coupons for future use and share mailings with others.
    • • Interactive. Today, mail works with smartphone technology to create a unique and powerful bond with the recipient.

Direct mail may have a reputation for being “junk” mail — but as you can see, it can be creative, relevant, targeted, and engaging. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, try creating the perfect campaign for your future customers in a way they would never see coming. Create something more than a postcard. Create a personal welcome into your business and open the door for them from day one.

  • When comparing response rates to most campaigns, you will always see an uptick in response when your campaign is completed correctly. You will want to make sure that you have the right marketing message to sell your brand as effectively as possible. We at Lucky XP Marketing and Promotions can create the right ad campaign to target the consumers you are looking for. Postcards can be great for other things outside of just mail as well. They can be publication stuffers,used on bulletin boards, and used in store for promotions, the list is limited only by your imagination. It’s no secret that good postcards will be held onto so the consumer can remember its information.

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